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Zarakis held a party. The second biggest event of the year.

When and Where

May 30, 2020

What Went Down

Zarakis's Party began the eve of May 30th where the attendees were magically compelled to go to the Edens Apple Tower. There, the attendees of M.S.I.F Bernand, Korlat, Silas , Allete , Sagus , Sebastian, and Stormy gathered outside and formed a single file line, being called and asked by Eranderez for their name, and house, and how excited were they for the party. Before taking the elevator to be sent to the party, Silas received from Alexys a red orb, and an fallen angels feather to be used to bribe the gaurds. After answering the attendees were ushered into an elevator, that took them to the edens apple penthouse, where the party was taking place. Downstairs, a group was forming of, Mx. Zirar, Alexys, Yarindael, Kilo, and Hadasa waited to help the escapees.

When the attendees had arrived at the penthouse they seperated, and got to busying themselves until they could find a chance to escape, except Silas, who went to bribe gaurds to guarantee an escape route for those of the underdead, succeeding in bribing Belzial with the promise of a room at the Desophronite hotel with workers hired from the redlight district, and the other guard with the red orb he had received from Alexys. When he had completed the task Zarakis himself finally made his appearance, exclaiming he'd be interviewing each of the attendees beginning with Silas, much to Sebastians horror.

The interview began with Zarakis leading Silas to a small room with a table, directing him to sit down. Zarakis had asked Silas of his house, name, when he had signed his contract, if he had used his powers since receiving them, if he could demonstrate them, and any anomalies that had occured since receiving them. Silas, not wanting to anger the demon had answered each question, and did as he asked, being told once he was finished to bring in another guest. In an attempt to help his friends he had sent a random guest to get interviewed, who then went to receive Korlat. She had endured the same questioning, meanwhile Silas had gone to bribe the third and final guard using the fallen angels feather he received from Alexys.

Once Korlat had completed her questioning she had gone off to send another random guest to give her friends more time before escaping from one of the routes secured by Silas due to his bribery skills, reuniting with the group waiting downstairs. During this time Allete had been brought to the room and began her questioning where it was revealed that Zarakis had already known of her, and that she had died due to poisoning and was once one of his expirements.

Meanwhile, downstairs Korlat had just left the building returning to the group, and Alexys had spotted a man with a curly brown mop of hair, a handlebar moustache, and a red plaid shirt and suspenders walking up to the building. Alexys questioned the man, and he introduced himself as Derek. He claimed himself to be the entertainment for the event, and asked where bibbles was, describing them to be tall and scaly. Korlat responded telling him that a velociraptor was serving drinks upstairs and said that was him. He bid the group adieu after that, and headed upstairs himself.

After some time spended in shock, Allete finally finished Zarakis questioning, and sent in Sebastian. Silas offered her to get some rest, seeing her shaked after the interview, but she refused saying she had a last resort, and silas replied that he was staying with her to keep her company. Allete replied saying that she wanted him to leave incase her last resort had failed, but Silas was stubborn, and refused saying he was certain he wasn't going to leave her.

Sebastian finished his interview, and returned to Allete, and Silas ready to leave, but when he talked to Silas he wasn't going to leave. At first Sebastian didn't want to leave, but after a bit of convincing he was ready to leave with Allete. When she told him she couldn't leave he asked why, and both her, and Silas told him she had a last resort from her patron Orobas. Before departing Sebastian had sent in Sagus who was drunk due to their spiked tea to complete an interview.

After Zarakis had sent Sagus out he sent in M.S.I.F to get interviewed next. after a bit of talking, M.S.I.F threatened Zarakis stating if there was a bit of soul stealing, he'd make sure Zarakis could never return to the bottomless pit. After this he sends in Stormy, and him and Sagus leave together, after which caused the building to enter high alert, due to a guard noticing the attendants who were leaving. During this Mirculeus, and Eranderez, played rock, paper, scissors to determine who would tell Zarakis. Eranderez lost, and sent a gaurd to inform Zarakis, who became enraged, and sent stormy out, and went to receive the next guest himself.

During this time Mirculeus decjded to be brave, and confront the enraged Zarakis, to lighten the mood. Sadly, this did not end well for the poor buisness demon whose was killed by Zarakis into an explosion of red gore. This sent the party into a panic due to the sudden death, ann this is when Derek saw his chance. He told bibbles to get ready, and hopped onto a table

Derek claimed he was a part of Zarakis' three ring circus and, after bibbles exploded into a burst of balloons and introduced Lozaridek who, changed everyone's costume into a clown suit, and threw a pie through the wall at Zarakis. After this, Zarakis headed upstairs to get changed and this is when Allete had used her brooch which vanished, in a puff of flame. After that Orobas had appeared from the flames, and began a scene with Zarakis. He claimed that Zarakis was abducting zombies from House Orobas, afterwhich he began to fight the demon, which caused enough of a scene to help the remaining mortals, and members of the underdead escape during the battle.

When those who were escaping left the building, the members of the underdead headed home to the underground dorms where they took a breathe and calmed down after the near soul stealing that happened at the party, and the stragglers Zirar took to the sewers to house them temporarily for curfew.

Who Attended?