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Under a blackened sky, The Soulfather's armies siege SIN and Allocen Duels with War

When and Where

Friday, March 27, 2020

What Went Down

As curfew lifted, War stood atop S.I.N. Casino and unveiled the Apple of Discord, causing fights and riots to break out across Limbo. War then went to Castle Zorn to send Allocen to kill Zirar. Allocen told her to fuck off, and she promised there would be consequences for breaking a deal.

The Soulfather, using magic from the book War provided, starts showing visions of fear and despair to everyone in Limbo. While Allocen and Sena are recovering from visions, War takes Sena to Nothing. Allocen panics at having lost Sena and immediately goes to kill Zirar at Craftworks. Famine is there and turns his gun to sand, and Zirar talks some sense into Al to figure out a plan. Al leaves to try and clear his head, smashes his mask, and decides to go see The Occupant.

The Occupant takes Allocen inside the Decrepit Hovel for some time. During this time, the Soulfather and his army begin their siege on S.I.N. Casino, causing a confrontation with Officer Caim as well. War dresses Sena up and takes her to Earth? for a fancy dinner. They eventually return to the top of S.I.N. Casino to check on Allocen and the siege.

When Allocen exits the hovel, his wings are a mottled grey, and he carries Deviltwister and Yarindael's Gunsword. He immediately goes to S.I.N. Casino, and when War sees the changes, orders Andy to kill Allocen. Allocen kills him and destroys the mock mask before making quick work of the army. When he reaches War he begins viciously attacking her, but is unable to kill her. After War realizes just what lengths Al is willing to go to for Sena, she begins to question why.

Finally, time runs out, and Azrael and the other horsemen show up to take War. War apologizes to Allocen and goes quietly with the others, saying she left a gift for Al back at Castle Zorn.