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Allete is a zombie of House Orobas and was slightly stuck up. She's now become far more kind, and thoughtful to those around her as well as helping those in need.


In life, Allete learned how to sew from her mother, and ran a Fashion company she inherited from her father. Her father didn't believe she should run the company, and despised that she was born a woman, wishing she was a man instead. She died in her sleep to unknown causes.


Allete arrived in limbo on April 28th. When she first woke she headed to the holy grail and met Silas Otwell for the first time. At first when silas informed her she had died, and she was a zombie she believed everything was nothing more then smoke, mirrors, and lighting.

She believed this until she visited Castle Zorn where the inhabitants Allocen and Sena Swann open fired on their unwelcome guests, leading to Allete gaining a bullet hole right between the eyes. After she had been shot she returned to the holy grail and encountered Ronan Byrne, who offered her kind words, and helped her accept that she had died. During that time in the holy grail, she had met Kilo Errer, Korlat, and Alexys Termarion for the first time who quickly got fed up with her very stuck up attitude. During this time in the holy grail Allete very quickly became determined to open a clothing store,and begin to rebuild her clothing empire.

After a few days of becoming acquainted in Limbo, Allete got held up by Billy, who bugged her phone, and demanded her to find a way to make contact with Mammon for him. After he left, she wondered where she should go, and was directed to the SIN casino by Silas.

When she had arrived at the SIN casino, she walked over to a small group of demons and asked how she'd be able to contact Mammon. Beelzebub had given her directions, and directed her to deliver a package from the holy grail to the Arklow Cafe telling them that "Allocen sent me".

Allete of course, did as she was told and delivered the package. Upon delivering the package, and repeating what she was told Arklow, the angel who resided in the cafe emerged, and became enraged at what was inside the package telling Allete to go to Zorn and inform Allocen what he had done would not stand. Alexys who had arrived just as Allete had delivered her package, pulled her aside after she had delivered the package, and asked her what she had done.

Allete had informed Alexys she was doing as she was told to acquire a meeting with Mammon, but was told she may have started another war. Alexys quickly took Allete to the holy grail where after some discussion between Sebastian, Silas, and Alexys, they decided to bring her to the underground for her safety. At first, those who occupied the underground but they decided to harbor her, so long as she stayed in the private room away from the others.

After this Allete slowly began integrating into the underdead, conversing with them, and becoming closer with the members namely Kilo, who took such a liking to her that he adopted her as a little sister into the family. During this time, she also took strides to be a better person using the book "Bad bitch vs Plain bitch: how to be bad but in the good way".

She also played a part in the party that threatened to take the souls of everyone who attended, by using a brooch gifted to her by her patron to help everyone escape.

After this event Allete went back to working towards opening her clothing store, and during this time she had to help save Inky from the grasp of Stryxinara with the help of the rest of the underdead. During this time as well she began writing up invitations to her shop, and with the help of Ronan delivered a message to her mother, who passed years before Allete did.

After weeks of inconvenience, and unfilled paperwork, Allete finally opened her clothing store, to a crowd she wasn't quite prepared to see. she gave a speech to all the attendees and midway through noticed that her father, who arrived in limbo at some point, which made her rather panicked. The rest of the opening continued with Allete nervously attending the register, and her father mingling with possible investors. During this time Silas was attempting to distract Aurelien but unbeknownst to him was only making things worse for Allete.

After she had closed up shop for her first day, Allete had a talk with her father, where he scolded her for not advertising her store, not hiring someone to work the store, told her to finish cleaning the store, and told her to make a new clothing line using the propaganda for the 3rd player, so they can profit off of it.

Allete did as he said, and was soon confronted by Silas, being told that her father had copyrighted his designs for propaganda, said he was going to boycott her store, and that he would get revenge on her father when he could.

After this event she wouldnt see her father again for quite some time, and during his absence participated in the game of flesh, earning her 3rd card, that being the page of flesh. it is after this event that she would enter a long sleep not waking again until October 31st 2021.

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