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The estate of Jorge Zapato of House Marax was auctioned off at S.I.N. Casino.  The collection of Barry Kelliher was showcased at the same time.  An unexpected theft complicated events.

When and Where

March 15, 2020 at the S.I.N. Casino

What Went Down

The participants slowly filter in and make their way to the auction rooms, taking place in the Lancaster Room and the Bolstvin Room of the SIN Casino.

At the beginning of the evening, the Golden Tangerine is in Bolstvin room, the centerpiece of Kelliher's Collection. Victor Bawdy strolls in, and Jason Greene and Scarlett Spade are already there. Xander walks in, and then Mrs. Star White walks in. White thinks the tangerine is cursed and should never be sold, claiming it dooms the owner to poverty, madness, and even death. Spade thinks it shouldn't be auctioned because it should be hers. Mal Bernand wanders in, overhears, and tells Xander they want the fruit. Eventually, everyone makes their way to Lancaster room for auction. A lich drinking in the foyer bar accidentally handcuffs himself to the bar's railing, much to the guard's amusement.

Everyone takes their seats in the Lancaster room and prepares for the bidding. Spectacular Ted is set up with a protest stand, ready to tell all about the evils of the items on sale. As it kicks off, some of the other demons - such as Mammon and Leviathan - begin to show symptoms of the immortal illness, coughing and sneezing to their surprise. The Black Feather of Yarin goes up for sale and is sold to Luzabel for 10 million. As the Scales of Fate go up for auction, Brythervyn crashes the auction, standing ominously at the back of the room as she focuses on the auction. Alberic Lancaster wins the Scales for 1.7 million.

The Apple of Discord goes up next, causing a bidding frenzy. War rips off a skeleton's arm to use their paddle to bid, and a bidding war breaks out between Jason Greene and War. War wins the Apple for 5 Billion. The Crown Royal bag containing the Apple disappears in a flash of fire, and War leaves with no further incident.

The Perception Parchment goes up next, which Byrd wins for 670,000. The painting is next, which Byrd wins for 5.5 million. The Avastichron goes up next and is won by Alberic for 500 million. Sena wins the Unfinished Heart for Kilo Errer at 7 million. The Green Orb causes another bidding war between Mammon, Asmodeus, and Leviathan, but Azrael swoops in and wins it for 500 billion. Xander wins the Crystal 8 Ball next for 25 million. The Monocle of Revelation follows up, which Sena wins for 8 million.

At this point, Victor's phone rings, and he leaves the room. Spade also leaves, uninterested in any other items. Mrs. White also receives a phone call and leaves the room. Mal tells Xander to use all their money for the archives key and leaves the room, telling him that they have something they need to do. Mal ends up following Mrs. White and listening in on a shady conversation, which leads Mal to accuse her of stealing the Tangerine.

When the Archives key goes up for auction, the lights in the Casino inexplicably cut out, returning back a few moments later. It is discovered that the Tangerine has been stolen, and the auction is suspended until further notice. 

Korlat follows White into the restroom to make sure she's okay, as her arm had begun bleeding shortly before. Alexys joins them shortly after. Sena, as usual, is getting high in the Lancaster room, joined by Jason Greene and then Mal.

Officer Branoel takes Silas Otwell to the Bolstvin room for questioning. Shamsiel is helping with the investigation of the room. Silas tells Branoel that White left the room to take a phone call, and then, having nothing else of use, heads out. Xander offers up information next, telling Branoel about the conversation he overheard in the room before the auction. Shamsiel tells Branoel that extra precaitions were put in to prevent ghosts and liches from phasing through and that no one, not even immortals, should have been able to steal it. Mal enters next, completely wasted, with Patrick, followed soon after by Xander and Spade. Branoel questions the newcomers, and Shamsiel tells them that the display was enchanted, and meant to be  up for another week. Spade is infuriated that the tangerine is gone, feeling she should have been the rightful owner, as she had purchased 'the tangerine' from Kelliher (a zombie) 3 weeks prior, but it turned out to be a spraypainted orange - a fake. 

As the evening wraps up, everyone is asked to share whatever evidence they may have before leaving. Mal and Spade are taken in for questioning, having received the most votes from the participants as to who they thought had committed the theft. They all make their way out and head back to their respective homes. Mrs. White leaves in a limo where she meets her accomplice, the lich from the foyer bar, and it is shown that she was behind the theft of the tangerine. She and her accomplice drive away, vowing to be rid of the tangerine once and for all.