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A beautiful demon, the gender of whom you cannot decipher, enters the shop, their light pink hair and soft eyes of the same color giving way to a sewn gash where a mouth would be expected. Not far from these are two actual mouths on each side of their face, filled with razor fangs.


Arkalon rose in power by permanently damaging Jackiel.


Arkalon came to the Underdead Cafe seeking the molted feathers of Yarindael, but Sena Swann handed him feathers shed from a Chicken Suit.  When they discovered the trechery, they returned, only to be attacked by Allocen with a Holy Molotov. Sebastian healed them with an Angel Feather and they went off to recover.

In a bid for power, they destroyed Adoel with a spell in Central Park leading to their promotion to Prince.

During Allocen's wedding (Dread Wedding) Arkalonek arrived and taunted Yarindael, leading to a fight in which they killed Allocen and were sent to hell by Belphegor.

They returned and saw the Arklow Cafe, mistaking it for a temple in their honor, made a blood pact with the owners and staff.

Major Events