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Azazel was the former Empress of Hell


Azazel once ruled Hell as Empress before being deposed by Lucifer.


Azazel was freed and wants revenge.

Azazel spent time during the days that The Sandman had sent limbo into a deep comatose, she received the items that Azazel had given to people, such as Korlat's Ink and Quill, and Alexys Termarion ring, and went to central park. there, she used the items to summon Azrael, and had them put into a comatose, and stole their scythe.

She killed the Archangel Raphael during a live news broadcast, and since she had sent out a news broadcast claiming that she would reclaim control of hell, take out Lucifer and Micheal, and saying that she knew who was causing the widespread nightmares that were spreading across the city.

Later she also killed Prince Lozaridek in the Art District.

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