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The Bloodfather and Sangadasbael had a showdown in front of the Casino.  It didn't go well for the angel.

When and Where

March 7, 2020

What Went Down

The evening began with Sangadasbael landing in front of the sin casino, and demons landing there as well. Ve put vir hand on vir sword when the demons parted revealing the blood father, saying Sang had something of his. Ve responded saying it was his duty to keep it away from the blood father. When the blood father said he relived Sang of vir duty, Sang drew the swords, saying the duty could only be relieved by someone in the host. The blood father drew his own weapons, saying that if that was the case then he'd relieve Sang of vir head.

And so the battle began between the two, with Ve extending vir wings, and launching themself high into the sky. The blood father retaliated by throwing a chain bolo at the angel, trying to bring them out of the sky. Ve dodges the chain and continues trying to fly away. Ve just had to complete vir mission, not kill the blood father.

The blood father continued by ripping a demon's horn off their head and throwing it at virs wing, impaling it and causing vim to go tumbling to the ground. Ve retaliated by throwing the scabbard at the blood father, electricity crackling through the metal bits. The blood father taunted Sang, but got hit in the chest with vir's scabbard causing him to stumble back.

Sang retaliated by saying vir's mission wasn't to fight the blood father and began running to the door of the S.I.N casino. The blood father got up, and ran at the angel, kicking vir's feet out from under vim, and breaks Sang's arm over his knee. Ve took the attack and retaliated by launching vir's scabbarded into the blood father's chest.

The blood father gets struck back, slowly rising, and telling the angel if ve is afraid to strike him down, then ve would eventually be striken down themself, and launched vimself towards the doors of the S.I.N casino. The blood father, enraged, launched his own strike of lightning at the angel and charged vim down sword at the ready. Sang with some rising off of vim, raised virs swords in an attempt to defend vimself from the blood fathers onslaught.

The blood father, noticing a weakness in the angel's defenses severs virs unarmoured leg. Ve retaliated by launching the blood father back with a large gust of wind, and finally reaches the handle to the sin casino. Before the angel could enter the casino, the blood father had gotten hoisted up by the demons and he briskly walked over to the angel, and tossing vim to the side, kicking the angels face in, and impaling vim with the points of his crown.

Sang crumpled to the ground defeated, letting out a ragged breath, and telling the blood father had their positions been swapped, ve would've let the blood father live another day hoping that stalling him would've been enough. The blood father responded saying it could only end one way. And with that, Sangs body began to crack and turn to dust, dropping the armor ve tried so hard to protect.

After that the blood father picked up the armor, whispering a thank you to the angel for collecting his armor, and returns to the crypt, victorious and with his armor in hand.