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Think you're awkward? Well, think again. Meet Byrd, the shy, anxious Shade of House Mhr who's really in over her head. She'd like nothing more than to sit and peacefully counter clerk The Arklow Cafe with a nice hot cup of tea, but Limbo's anything but peaceful. Although her passiveness and lack of initiative sets her up to be in the sidelines, that doesn't stop her from finding herself in unusual situations.

If not couch-surfing, Byrd can be found managing The Arklow Cafe or being victim to a Limbo Coma in the shop's bunker.


What was your life, how did you die? (only what has been revealed)


What have you done in Limbo?

Major Events

Working for Amazon

An Auction Most Foul

The Great Limbo Dance Off

Fear Andy Light

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