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A banshee member of the Eastern Ettins


Cyrus is a Puerto Rican who grew up in New York City.


Cyrus somehow acquired a pair of greaves from The Bloodfather's armor.  His normal cocky personality was amplified by them at the Limbo City Carnival and he overreacted to a slight from one of the West Gate Wraiths.  He gunned the Wraith down in the middle of the Central Quad, then found himself filled with an overwhelming lust for his soul and started draining him right there.  After being pulled off by the Mysterious Mime's invisible rope, Cyrus was confronted by the Carnival Barker who was revealed to be the angel Sangadasbael.  Casting a shield around himself, Cyrus realized he was outmatched and surrendered the greaves for safe passage to the Ettin base.

Later on, he was involved in the gang shootout between the West Gate Wraiths and the Eastern Ettins.

Much later, he found his anger channeled by another manipulating force in the form of Moloch, a demon who uses mortals to her own mysterious ends. He tried to collect on the bounty Stryxinara had put on members of the Underground, even putting a gun in Allete Robillard's face, and shooting at Alexys Termarion.

Golgotha helped him get away from her influence eventually.

Long after the events with Moloch Cyrus found himself having to return to Alletes store Kitsing Clothing. At first it appeared the zombie didn't recognize him, didn't recognize him, but after some time she confronted him about what happened. He apologized to her, not quite expecting her to forgive him but she did.

Then when Allete was going through a particular moment of frustration she contacted him, asking if he'd like to talk more regarding his history. It was at this point the two slowly become closer and closer friends even helping each other during the competition for the Ten of Mind, Jenny's briefcase. After the competition Allete would contact Cyrus and grant him the Ten of Mind, asking for his help in fighting or Limbo.

A few days after, on Christmas eve he would go to Kitsing Clothing to deliver Allete a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, it appeared he arrived at a poor time and found himself, Kilo and Allete staring down a bomb in her store. He quickly took action, taking the bomb outside of the store and destroying it, while finding the culprit and quickly screamed her down.

After that, Cyrus tried rather hard to get Alletes affection as he found himself with a crush on her. After a few meets and quite a bit of flirting he found himself at the lucky night, being told by Allete she had plans with someone else. During said 'meet up' he confronted Allete about if it was a date, to which she said yes, and asked her to be his girlfriend to which she happily agreed too.

Soon enough The Great Game arrived in Limbo, and he attended ready to fight for their home, but was left rather shocked afterwards. He joined Allete, Kilo, Isaac, and a few others at a new years celebration party at the lucky night.

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