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The Bloodfather visited The Underdead in the Limbo Underground Dorms

Where and When

March 5, 2020

What Went Down

One night, a bunch of the Underdead and new recruits were vibin in the dorms, doing their usual things. There was a knock on the door, which Omni opened, and The Bloodfather entered. He didn't threaten their lives, a bit out of character, but instead invited them all to attend a duel between him and Allocen. He didn't seem to notice Yarindael. Xander took this as a chance to kill Blooddaddy, making coffee with shade whisps inside. Alexys took this as a chance to taunt Blooddaddy, telling him that his plans will never work. Omni took this as a chance to convince Blooddaddy that Not All Immortals were bad, asking him to look back into her memories. Blooddaddy does so, but one fatal flaw was found in Omni's plan; Omni knows about Alexys and Yarindael.

Blooddaddy drank the shade whisped coffee and was unharmed due to the magic in his crown, which also gives him knowledge of the attempt on his life. He calls Alexys a traitor, his sword to her throat. Everyone draws their guns. Blooddaddy didn't want to kill her, she gave him his life and he'll give her hers. Yarin still isn't having it though, and pushes Blooddaddy away, drawing Adoel's sword. Blooddaddy goes after Omni with shade touch despite being a vampire, then shoots Patrick in the stomach three times with Omni's gun. Zirar texts Declan to show up with 15 copies of himself and they arrive with sonic booms.  The Bloodfather then lunges at Yarindael with his sword, trying to end their life. Yarin flies up, knocking the crown off Blooddaddy's head. It reappears. Alexys is having a breakdown, everyone else is fighting. In the end, Blooddaddy is incapacitated by many gunshots and held down by many Declans, some of which are accidentally shot as well. Omni and Korlat carry Patrick to the Limbo Medical Center.

Zirar takes The Bloodfather to an old place in the sewers, the training area for active operatives of The Limbo Underground pre-purge. They share memories. Zirar shows the Bloodfather the humanity of angels and demons, how not all chains are physical, by letting him see Yarindael tearing out their own grey feathers because they shouldn't exist in the eyes of the Host. Perhaps not all immortals are monsters. The Bloodfather shows Zirar how Valshedaz tortured him using hellfire , then laughed. Zirar knows, not all immortals. They both leave, ending the night.