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Continued from Daily Summaries - Week 17

Monday April 27, 2020

Hadasa and Sagus were finally able to buy the voucher to open their day spa.  They pooled their money and bought it in the Market District, then went to celebrate at the Jolly Bootlegger.  There, they ran into Inky who bought them a milkshake.

Lil' Marco met with Kirghun, the Demon Don at the Holy Grail to beg for protection after his attempted assassination  He told Kirgun and Banurkaz what happened and Kirghun ordered Ban to verify if there was a bounty on Marco set by the West Gate Wraiths. If there was, the Don vowed to destroy the gang.  Since Banurkaz was there when the bounty was set, he didn't have to check anything.  He struggled with the thought of where his true loyalties lay and ultimately decided on the Wraiths.  Banurkaz went back to the meeting room and assassinated the Don with Devastation Oil and a magical gun.  He then tied up Marco and took him to Callie.

Tuesday April 28, 2020

Juliet went looking for Declan and found him in an alley in the Market District vibrating and coughing up blood.  She brought him home and made him food to help him recover.  He said there were only 20 others he needed to find and recombine with. Juliet said it could wait for one day while he rested and put on Beauty and the Beast for them to watch.

A new zombie arrived in House Orobas named Allete Robilard.  She visited The Holy Grail Cafe and met Spectacular Ted. There Ted, Silas Otwell, Sagus Valia, and the barista Jack all tried hard to convince her that this was the afterlife. Azrael made an appearance to attempt to help.  A person with a cybernetic arm and eye made a brief appearance, then left on a motorcycle.

Korlat met Kimberly Knowles at The Shady Lady and saw her demonstrating magical powers.  They struck up a conversation and Kim invited her to see the Thexy Thespians practice.  Stormy arrived just as Kim had to leave and they were joined briefly by the cybernetically enhanced person before curfew fell.

Wednesday April 29, 2020

Baal met with Mammon at the Sinsystem's Tower Executive Boardroom, demanding to see his tax returns for some reason. Mammon told Baal that they were sealed, and they would never find them without phrases that had been scattered around Limbo, as the records had been sealed by powerful magic. Baal decided to enlist the aid of the population of Limbo, and thus the hunt began.

Residents of Limbo searched throughout the city for the phrases, and three became victorious - Patrick, Hadasa, and Sebastian.

A man delivered a package to Mal at Mary's Final Chance Bistro, a package that contained nothing but fucking pasta. Confused but deciding to roll with it, Mal offers to make them some pasta, and he accepts before introducing himself as Ronan Byrne.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Friday May 1, 2020

The Art Of War

Saturday May 2, 2020

Officer Caim takes Sagus Valia to interrogate him but is interrupted by Narasha who hands him a letter of pardon from Skarlin releasing Sagus.

Vaughn Nottingham proceeds to tear Pernilzeon a new asshole for leaving them in the middle of a fight. Skarlin arrives, thanking them for their showing in the battle.  The gang leader then strikes a deal with Skarlin for free reign for his gang in Limbo and Juliet's address, in exchange for bringing Declan to the Warden.

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