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Declan is constantly on the Grind.


Declan was born in abject poverty, but they knew if they worked hard enough, they could change that. They grew up absorbing the Grind mentality, and they completely agreed with it. Declan worked as many part-time jobs as he physically could, and when he had gotten enough money, he founded a startup with some of his friends. Declan worked hard, but since the work was mostly managerial, he didn't feel like he was actually grinding, and so he couldn't be successful. So, they decided to abandon the startup, and the company blew up, confirming Declan's fears, even though it was his hard work that made the company successful. This story repeats with multiple startups before Declan eventually decides that clearly, startups aren't for him, and he went back to just working multiple part-time jobs. Declan died when a blood vessel in their brain burst after working a 5-day shift in 7 different jobs


Besides delivering a record-breaking number of packages, Declan has revealed that he traded lungs with another zombie. They have also been seen to have a near-supernatural speed and strength when on the grind, some theorize that this is a side effect of consuming the 'Declan Special' a drink he has convinced cafe's to sell him, the only ingredients of which are five grams of pure caffeine and water.

During the destabilization a flash back of Declans life, where he had to help his 5 sisters, and his mother in the morning, and tried to sell his lunch that turned out to be mildly unsuccessful. The flashback ended when began listening to joey W's 14 part masterclass explaining the grind.

--Add the events of The Declaning and his rejoining!!--

Major Events

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The Declaning

Bloodfather Risen

The Destabilization