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The Underdead Decided to make their base in the Sewers

When and Where

January 12, 2020

How It Went Down

Needing a place to stay hidden, Lastsume decided to unknowingly open the seal on the Limbo City Sewers by opening a manhole in the Red Light District, leading what would become The Underdead into their new home.  Whether because of lack of sufficient secrecy, or by the unseen hand of some other power, they had several arrivals join them.

Upon breaking the seal they were immediately attacked by Crab Box.  It jumped on Lastsume, slashing his stomach and sliming him up to his head, then jumped on Bri of Tartys, slashing her as well before jumping back into the sewer.

The group descends, forgetting to close the entrance behind them and travels along the branching paths.  Leon phases through a wall and finds a maintainence area with torches. Bri uses brass knuckles to break a hole in the wall which they pull the torches through. Omni stumbles in during her walk and discovers them, then heads on her way. Exploring more, they find a suitable location and make camp.