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The wedding between Allocen Duke of Hell and Sena Swann, affectionately called the Dread Wedding for the sour turn of events.

When and Where

February 15, 2020

How it went down:

Allocen along with his lieutenants, his best man Zirar , and Harold  made their way to the Summer Cottage ahead of the guests and Sena. After Sena arrived, the ceremony proceeded smoothly – they exchanged new blood oaths and Sena was named Duchess of Hell.

But Happy Endings are for suckers, and the festivities ended when Arkalonek , along with his "lackey" Skarlin crashed the party. Arkalonek stole the spotlight to publicly mock Allocen and gift him with a perfectly preserved Halo for the “feathered duke”. For Sena, Skarlin delivered the infamous dress diss – white, a color of purity, isn’t fitting for a concubine, and as such he destroyed her dress.

Then, all Hell broke loose when Arkalonek flaunted his ability to kill Adoele. Yarindael snapped and began attacking Arkalonek, which only served to enrage the Prince. After it looked like Yarindael would be bested, Sena demanded they stop the fighting. Arkalonek flung Sena across the room, finally spurring Allocen into action.

Donning his old mask once more, Allocen unleashed his wrath on Arkalonek, using the notorious Gunsword forged by Yarindael to fight back against the Prince. Sena and the Underdead work together to clear the Cottage turned battlefield and Sena stays behind to try and aid Allocen, but is knocked unconscious by a lightning bolt Arkalonek.

Just as it looks like Allocen may win, Arkalonek turns the tables, steals the gun sword, and stabs Allocen, mortally wounding him. Zirar, who had been scheming up a plan to help, tossed troll dolls covered in miracle oil at Arkalonek to distract the demon while xie brought Sena to safety.

As the troll dolls began their attack, an uncanny black goop began to cover the room, and the demon Belphegor appears. They inform Arkalonek that Lucifer is tired of their shit and that Arkalonek must pay for the trouble they’ve caused. As they leave, Azrael, the angel of death appears, to take Allocen, only to find that he isn’t quite dead. It seems an act of God had saved the Duke… but why?

Azrael then pays a visit to the Decrepit Hovel where most of the Underdead, as well as Zirar and a still unconscious Sena, retreated to. Upon waking, Sena immediately asks about Allocen, and Azrael is kind enough to return the Duke safely to Castle Zorn, which she promptly leaves for. Upon finding Allocen bleeding and unconscious in bed, Sena and Bane work together to get him to the healing pool.

While these events unfurl, two demons – Memphis and Kuritus – are called to the Summer Cottage to clean up the mess. After setting the cottage in order, they decide to pay a visit to the new Duchess at Castle Zorn.

Upon their arrival, they seek out Sena in the healing pool and offer to heal the Duke as best they can, in exchange for a favor.