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Emily is a tragic figure who doesn't deserve this.


Emily was the girlfriend of Kilo Errer.  She loved him, he was her world, but he didn't love her and only stayed with her out of obligation.  When she could no longer ignore the fact he had no feelings for her and his serial cheating was laid bare, she [REDACTED].


After arriving in Limbo she had a chance meeting with Kilo.  He urged her to get over him and move on.  She got a job at Taps Music Store where she was hired to provide materials to set up Kilo and his business partner, Raven's club, The Lucky Night.

While depression binge drinking one night, she was targeted by a Paellician disguised as the bartender, Rory , at The Shady Lady.  Kilo, Korlat and Alexys Ocantian saved her.

She is currently in a relationship with Rachel

Major Events

Succu Hunt