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The Soulfather sent terrifying visions to all the citizens of Limbo

Where and When

Friday, March 27, 2020

All of Limbo

What Went Down

After blackening Limbo's sky, The Soulfather sent terrifying visions to everyone in Limbo.  Many huddled together in the Holy Grail Cafe for comfort and friendship.

Omni's visions:

  • Omni sees two young girls, must be eight and six. The Eight year old looks so much like James’s niece, but with Omni’s hair, the six year old looks like Omni’s first grade picture with James’s nose.  They are wearing torn and dirty clothes and their faces are smudged. They are so thin, just skin and bones. The youngest is crying. “Tell me about mama and papa.” The oldest replies “I barely remember mama, but papa was big and strong, always loud, but always happy…” She breaks up into a coughing fit.  It’s a dry cough.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Omni sits comfortably in a chair facing a fireplace, a half finished hand-stitched quilt on her lap.  Beside her is Zir, handsome as ever. Xie drinks from a glass of black liquid. Suddenly hir form begins to darken, blackening back to that of a shade. Hir profile distorts as Xie takes a skull mask from hir pocket and puts it on. “Goodbye, my love.” Xie says in a voice that is not Zirar’s, then phases through the door.

Sena's visions:

  • Sena sees Allocen, he looks disgusted. “Get out of my sight you worthless piece of shit.  The game is over, I won. I can’t believe I wasted so much time on garbage like you. I feel more unclean than when I spent those days in Hell.  Get away from me, I need a bath.”
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Sena sees a cradle in front of her, a tiny babe swaddled in blankets inside. A mirror on the wall behind shows a loving couple. In her reflection, she saw Sena Swann, black-haired and flushed in her cheeks, healthier than she had ever been in life.  At her side is a handsome man, looking as she imagined Al would have looked if he had been born human, rugged and strong. In the reflection, a shade wearing a skull mask over its eyes takes the baby from the crib, carrying it off. When she looks at the cradle in front of her, it only contains a doll.

Zirar's visions:

  • Zirar sees an officer of the Heresy standing haughtily. “Of course we will return your wife unharmed. Just text all of the rebels and tell them to meet you here so I may kill them each personally. If you don’t I will [REDACTED] over the next 1000 years, reminding her every day that it was your choice and mailing you the pieces.” He hands Zir hir phone.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Zirar stands among the Underdead, everyone finally gathered together at the Lucky Night. So many friends enjoying each other's company. Out onto the dance floor walks a shade wearing skull design mask. Around him all of the Underdead bow, going to one knee. The shade holds out a sword. “I name you all my Viteazul. You will die again for me.”

Raven's visions:

  • Raven sees Kilo hand a set of keys to a familiar person. Last time she saw that face, it was hovering over her, taking her breath. “You can sleep in the back. Raven usually sleeps there but she’s in comas a lot so it shouldn’t be a problem…”
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Raven sees a dark figure approach out of the shadows, revealing itself to be a shade in a skull mask. It surges with power. She holds up her hand before her and it has become black and wispy at the edges. Her vision reddens.

Alexys' visions:

  • Alexys sees Yarin shackled behind bars she cannot pass.  Angels force them to bow their head as one raises Adoel’s sword and brings it down. “Najima, help me.” and their head hits the floor.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • “Being vaccinated marks you for hell!” The lich shouts from the podium. “As your new overlord, I am outlawing vaccines and all ongoing antiviral research will be defunded.” Alexys finds herself surrounded by a cheering crowd. Beside her, Yarin cheers the hardest. The overlord slowly shifts into a shade and places a mask over its red-gold eyes, it resembles a skull.

Xander's visions:

  • Xander sees the form of his ex. “I could never be with someone who didn’t believe.”  She walks away, turning her back on him. At his left, Raven swings at him, connecting with his jaw.  “How could you just abandon me?!” At his right, Hadasa spits at him “What kind of person can just lie to everyone?” Slowly, everyone turns their back and walks away, leaving him completely alone.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Xander sees himself walk into the Hall of Mirrors from the Carnival. Images of himself reflect back at him from an infinite maze. Slowly he sees some of those reflections are still his form as a shade. One by one each of the reflections changes back to shade form. A shade with the wrong profile to have been him turns to face him. The red eyes and skull mask seem triumphant.

Hadasa's visions:

  • Hadasa sees a table where a man is laying face down getting a massage, looking around there are people relaxing, getting manicures and wearing herbal facemasks, drinking cucumber water. She sees Sagus walk up “I can’t believe all this happened, your sister must have had a lot of money.” The man sits up from the massage table, his towel falling. He is beautiful. And well built. “Yeah, my wife just knows how to set things up.  Oh, hey, are you Liora’s business partner, Sagus? I’m Peter.”
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Hadasa sees Xander drinking a bottle of beer. “I thought you didn’t drink?” She hears herself saying. “Well, I lied.  I’ve been lying to you a lot. Like when I said I love you, for instance.” He took another drink. “They have all been lying to you.” A shade whispers to her from under the skull mask it wears. “Every single one of them.”

Sagus' visions:

  • Sagus stands in a restaurant. Piles of hot fries cover the table in front of him. They smell delicious.  He runs up to them, but they burn to ashes before his eyes. “Did you want those, bud?” A demon laughs. “Aww, I’m sorry.”
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Sagus sees the door closing in his face.  “We don’t want you here.” Xander and Hadasa close their door as well.  “No hobbits allowed” Kilo and Korlat close their door. One by one all of his friends close their doors to him.  One door finally opens to reveal a shade wearing a half mask resembling a skull. They beckon him in.

Bane's vision:

  • Bane holds a smoking gun as the body in front of him crumples.  A little boy comes running out of a nearby room, screaming. He falls over the body. “Daddy! No!”  Add ten years and some blue hair and he could be Harold. But that doesn’t even make sense. The boy looks at him with hatred in his eyes and pulls a gun from the dead man’s pocket.  Bane’s gun is still in his hand and he knows he’s a much quicker shot than some crying kid with a Smash Bros. T-shirt.

Stormy's visions:

  • Various figures surround Stormy, chanting together. They know these chants from childhood. A figure is bound before them. A voice whispers in their ear “nonbelievers and outsiders will never understand, we are your only family”  The figure struggles, revealing their face. Xander calls out to them before being hauled away. “Such unpleasantness for your wedding day.” “Is she ready?” “Yes, ready for the honor of marrying the Priest and bearing the Chosen One, aren’t you dear?  Your Seventh Son shall be our Savior.” They struggle, to no avail.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Stormy sees an angel wearing a police uniform enter her Cafe wielding a sword. She is restrained as the screams of her cats echo through the air.  The officer comes out, wiping blood from its sword. “The violations have been rectified, Caim.” They say. Off to the side she sees a shade wearing a skull as a mask, carrying away a wrapped bundle of cloth with two tails sticking out.

Patrick's visions:

  • He sees people having a party. Everyone is dancing, eating and having fun. They all seem comfortable with each other, like good friends, or family.  He approaches, but they all turn and look at him. “Go away. We don’t want you here.” Walking down the street, everyone turns their back on him. His first crush, a young vampire, sees him. “I’m sorry, Patrick, I just don’t want you around me.”  In a sea of people, he is alone.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • A stern older woman walks past the desk where Patrick sits. She sneers at him while slapping down a packet of paper. The front of the packet is filled with algebra equations.  Patrick didn’t study. He is also in his underwear. “You have 30 minutes.” A shade in a skull mask peeks into the classroom, turning the clock ahead five minutes.

Kilo's visions:

  • He sees a campfire. Around him are Emily, Thomas, and Korlat.  “Pass me another soda.” Korlat says. “Hey, Tomorrow do you wanna see if we can find the Hidden Caves?” Thomas asks. Emily smiles at him, looking alive. They all look alive. Behind him he hears a clock ticking.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Kilo sees Korlat next to him looking beautiful in her new body. She smiles at him and pulls him in for a hug. Something feels wrong. She starts squirming in his arms and screaming, but he can’t let go. “Shade touch! Shade touch!” He’s not a shade anymore, it shouldn’t be like this. Her screams of pain fill his ears, almost drowning out the shade on the other side of the room, laughing beneath his skull mask.

Korlat's visions:

  • Korlat sees Kilo, grey and washed out. “I finally did it, Gra. I convinced Grima and Azrael to give me the sickness and take me away so I could save you.”  He coughs a wet cough, blood drips down from the mask. “Can you do me a favor? Take me out before the sickness can. I’d rather the last of my soul go to you.”  He reaches for her hand, she sees her own hand is black as it was as a shade and her wrappings are gone.
  • --------------------------------------------------------
  • Korlat sees a shade approaching behind Omni as she unlocks her car.  Her head is slammed into the door as he pulls out a knife and stabs her in the neck. Omni collapses into a pool of her own blood while the shade pulls a skull mask from her purse and put it on.

Mal's vision:

  • Mal sees Scarlett Spade standing in front of them, a cash register between them. “Sir, your employee is the rudest person I have ever met! They should really know how to respect their betters!” Abaddon’s voice comes from over their shoulder. “You’re absolutely right, madam.  I will be docking their pay and taking away their vacation days. Any further backtalk and you’re fired, Malin.”

Byrd's vision:

  • Byrd sees Pollo sitting on a pile of hundreds of eggs.  Looking around, there’s no way out, no doors or windows.  There is only a single steamed bun, which Pollo eats, then screams for more.  The eggs begin hatching, crab legs breaking through and crawling toward her…

Leon's vision:

  • On a table in front of Leon is a squirrel, or what’s left of one.  Its chest is sliced open, ribs pinned to the table. It lets out a little squeak.  Its heart still beats. Around the room are more animals, from squirrels, to cats, even a rottweiler, all sliced apart in gruesome ways. “I meant what I said.” Rose says from behind him. “Don’t forget about this one.”  She opens a closet door, revealing Amostia as she appeared before she died, chest cracked and eyes missing. “Leontias, why?”

Amostia's vision:

  • Amostia sees Arkalon, bound in chains, head down. A demon points a sword at her, then Leon, Then Byrd.  “You three carry his pact, you will be going with him to hell, to become the grubs he feeds off of for the next 3000 years.  Oh, that’s a pity too, you were scheduled for heaven”

Yarindael's vision:

  • The east gate looms behind Yarin, a crushed package under their boot. Zirar is standing there, concerned. “Yarindael? Are you okay?  I know the court martial coming up is stressful but this isn’t like you. I’m sorry I’ve never heard of this Alexys person, I’m sure you’ll find her someday.”

Allocen's vision:

  • Allocen sees Sena laying on the ground, lips and skin blue. Her body is cold.  Octavia crouches next to her, tears running down her face. “She said she couldn’t handle you keeping secrets anymore.  She wanted to end everything. I tried to stop her, but she overdosed and I couldn’t bring her back.”

Yirgosoth's vision:

  • Yirgosoth sees Caim approach. “Well, well, well. We finally got you.” He chuckles nastily. “They’re sending you back to hell, Yir, where you belong.  Heh, Yirgosoth was such a tongue twister anyway. Yir fits better.” A pair of large demons grab Yir by the arms, dragging them back to hell.

Thomas' vision:

  • Thomas stands on stage in front of a packed house, microphone in hand.  Everyone stares at him in silence. Then one person boos, then another. Soon everyone is booing and tossing rancid vegetables…

Felice's vision:

  • Felice sees the two empty suits playing pool in a dim bar.  Mortals stand in glass globes on the table struggling to escape. They bear the faces of old friends.  The white suit takes his shot and knocks a zombie into the side pocket and the ball falls into a void, forever lost.  A shade and banshee soon follow. They all had names. The black suit chalks up his cue.

Harold's vision:

  • Harold sees Allocen, he looks angry. “Nap time’s over, bitch.” He tosses him a shovel. “Time to get to work paying me back for all the Pichos you made with my food.” He gestures to a mountain in the distant wasteland.  “I need that moved to the other side of the city. One shovel at a time.”

Octavia's vision:

  • Octavia sees Se-Se on her knees, broken and pathetic. She has a heroin needle hanging from her forearm, her eyes are glassy.  “I’m done with this, all of this. I should have ended things a long time ago, but I had you. If only you hadn’t left me when I needed you most, your love might have been enough to save me.”

Mahjur's vision:

  • Mahjur sees the cute little angel that keeps trying to make friends standing before him. “I love you too, Mahjur.  I will be by your side forever.” Walter and Florence smile from beside zem. “Just how things should be” one of them says.  A sword slices through the air and Lauriel’s eyes go wide just before her head tumbles to the ground.

Taliah's vision:

  • Taliah sees a shackle around her ankle, it has the word “Family” embossed into the side.  She sits at a desk covered in a mountain of books. “Have all of those read by tonight and write reports, then make sure you get 4 hours of sleep for work tomorrow so you can earn money to feed everyone, and don’t miss your night class.” The stern angel raps a heavy leather shoe on the side of the desk. “And if you go near that Pryce fellow again, You’ll never see daylight.”

Sebastian's vision:

  • Sebastian sees no one.  He lays in a blanket pile in the dim light, totally alone. Every thing is silent, no one laughing or talking, no friends anywhere.  And then from the darkness, the skittering starts. Skitter skitter skitter from every direction as thousands of tiny red eyes light up in the darkness.

Elliot's vision:

  • Elliot sees his closest friends around him, drinking sodas, smiles on their faces, every one together. But no one is speaking, no one moving.  He pokes William next to him and Will feels plastic, artificial. On the other side he grabs Sebastian, but he’s just a plastic statue. Looking around they are all plastic.  Were any of his friends ever really there? He lets Seb go and he tumbles to the floor, shattering.

Luzabel's vision:

  • Her feathers fall to the ground, the black ones eagerly growing back. They missed her. Skarlin stands in front of her as she kneels down, crying among her white feathers. "An honor to have you back, Marquis." What monstrous part of her feels so excited by this?

James' vision:

  • Weak. So damn weak. It's been years on this treatment, and he can't even stand without help. Can't eat or drink anything not approved by 600 different doctors. Bedridden. Nobody comes to visit, but that's more of a given at this point, he didn't take this news well. A doctor comes in. "Good news James! It's gone into remission, if it stays that way, it's just another 5 years or so and we can release you!" 5 years? Of this? At best? "Please, just pull the plug..." "I can't do that James, you and your family signed this waiver, we have to keep you alive at all costs."

Shane's vision:

  • He has been torn apart from his love and has to watch in horror as he is executed for fraternizing with a demon.

Rachel 's vision:

  • Her packs? Empty. The bar? Being run by Declans. Her...friends? They don't need her. That's everything she ever wanted, right?

Emily's vision:

  • Emily sits there, crying. No matter where she looks, those pictures are still there. 1... 2... 4 pregnancy tests, all positive... and there's Oliver, laughing

Narasha's vision:

  • This is her fault. She was the one who wanted to go on more 'public' dates. But, why all this torture? And why isn't her? Let Kal go....she can take the punishment for both of them....Abbadon places a hand on her shoulder "I pulled some strings. You won't be reprimanded for this at all. Kalindion on the other hand...." a horrifying scream "She's going to be here for a while. Best not to think about it"

Kalindion's vision:

  • They weren't careful enough. They got found out. Now there's Narasha, about to be executed while she can't do anything.... The sword decapitates her, and then Caim walks over to Kalindion. "30,000 years re-education in boot camp should be more than enough to keep you from, fraternization with the enemy again."

Pernilzeon's vision:

  • No matter how terribly they sing, only the most honeyed sweet notes come out. He's getting praise, admiration. No! NO NO!!! This is all wrong!! Good music is a sometimes thing! In the corner of their eyes, Pernilzeon sees Kin, looking disgusted with them