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Golgotha is a Skeleton of House Decarabia and a member of the Eastern Ettins


What was your life, how did you die? (only what has been revealed)


Golgotha joined the newly restructured  Eastern Ettins early in her existence in Limbo.  She did a lot of typical gang stuff until she witnessed Cyrus gun down and attempt to drain the soul of a West Gate Wraith during the Limbo City Carnival.  She retreated when things got hairy.  Cyrus came down on her hard for leaving him hanging.  A bit later on, she saw Xander and Stormy tagging the Arklow Cafe with Wraith graffiti. They wouldn't back down and, still feeling the burn from her failure at the carnival, she pulled out her gun and threatened them.  When they were still cocky with her, she fired, hitting Xander in the shoulder.  Stormy used a banshee scream to knock her unconcious, then she was taken by Declan to Officer Caim.

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