Limbo Wiki

The Great Game is played every One Hundred years between Michael and Lucifer to determine control of Limbo.  It consists of several challenges to determine representatives for each card of the Deck of Sins.  After all the cards are chosen, The Emperor and Commander plat a private game between them, determining who will control Limbo for the next one hundred years.

This century's competition will be very different, as Mx. Zirar has convinced them to allow a third player into the game.

The Announcement

Michael: "In a short time, our representatives will begin holding competitions, which any of you who reside here in Limbo may partake in.”

“Our Game is played with what is known as The Deck of Sins.”

He reaches into the lapel of his jacket, and pulls out a small, ornate box. He hands it across the way to Lucifer, who opens it and riffles the cards between his hands in a showy way, revealing that every card is stark white and blank on both sides.

Lucifer: “As you can see, right now the Deck is empty.”

He stacks the cards back together, slides them back into their box, and passes it back to his counterpart.

M: “But soon, it shall begin to be filled. And you shall be the ones to fill it.”

L: “Each competition that is held will end with one of you being bound to the Deck. The card for the position that you fill will change, to depict you.”

M: “And when the deck is filled…”

L: "We play."

M: “Lucifer and I control when and how the cards are played, but it is you, the souls of Limbo, who truly determine the outcome of our game.”

L: “And with it, who controls Limbo for the next hundred years. Of course, I’ve won for three centuries running…”

M: “And there is no reason to believe that your streak will continue, Lucifer.”

L: “Sure, sure, whatever helps you sleep at night, big guy.”

M: “Anyway. Tomorrow the preparations for our stay here in your City will be complete, and they will open the doors of SIN to you. We apologize for any inconvenience its closing has presented to you.”

L: “Speak for yourself, Mich. I never apologize for anything.”

M: “sigh ... We will make a further announcement when it is time for the competitions to commence. In the meantime, we— I wish you all the best of luck.”