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Hadasa Livna is a vampire of House Abasdarhon.  She was invited to join The Underdead soon after arriving.  She likes cats and knitting.


Hadasa worked in a place where she encountered lots of weddings and other big events. She has been dancing since she was 3. She was killed when driving recklessly on the way to her estranged sister's wedding.


Invited to the Underdead by Omni and Mx. Zirar, Hadasa has explored much of Limbo. She was nearly killed by Iynqfovgpu when she was tricked into helping them but was saved by Silas Otwell. After the Dorms were deemed unsafe, she began staying with Xander and Sagus Valia in the basement of The Shaded Shop.  After some heavy flirtation, she at first rejected Xander, then found out he was dating Raven Kennedy.  They all sat down to discuss things and she began dating him as well. After a bit, she also started dating Raven and they began living together at the apartment above the shop. They now all have returned to the dorms and continue to live the throuple life.

Co-owner of the Breathe of Life Day Spa with Sagus, Hadasa loves getting to help and pamper others. However after a shake up she sought refuge in the Sisters of Salvation who she encountered one day in Central Park. She continues to do yoga with them at least once a week, sometimes at Dragon's Hideaway.

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