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Formerly a Shade of House Mhr, Korlat is a Ghost of House Malphas that has aligned independently with the Underdead. Her moral values keep her wary of authority: if it involves helping her friends or if it's for the greater good, she'll generally do whatever needs to be done. They're quick to smile and eager to joke around, but with enough attention one can see they're troubled.

Kor lives in the Errer Manor with her husband Kilo Errer and their honorary sister Allete Robillard. She is often found dancing at The Lucky Night, sipping drinks at The Shady Lady, petting cats at The Cat's Meow, or wandering in the park.


Korlat is a tall, thin ghost with short, messy hair. It's dark brown with side swept, high swooping bangs, ever falling into her hazel eyes. She wears black skinny jeans and a red tank top. A tattoo of wood strawberries can be seen, centred between her shoulder blades. She carries a black bag made by Omni.

In a moment of carelessness, Korlat brushed a black feather that Kilo kept in his notebook. Her left hand now bares an ink black scar in the shape of a feather, tracing down her index finger and into her palm. Her lower right abdomen and beneath her chin each are marked by silver-pink scars, unwelcome reminders of her death.

She also wears a ruby pendant - gifts from her partner, Kilo. She and Kilo each share half of the auction item, Unfinished Heart, which supposedly will make it so they move on from Limbo only after they have bought solved their unfinished business. Occasionally she wears a silver tiara, stylized like leaves - another gift from Kilo, created by Yarindael.

As Korlat is a ghost, her physical (and incorporeal) colouring is altered by her moods. Korlat has ten colours that appear: rose pink, peach pink, dark orange, light orange, sky blue, teal, lavender, white, gold, and green. Green is a sign of her anger. As she is a ghost, when she becomes angry she loses physical form, her legs replaced by a ghostly tail.


It is known that she was a pole dancer who lived out of her car. She is very fond of the mountains and was an only child. Korlat was killed by Bane after one of her shows, her head hit against a vehicle and then her being stabbed afterward (at least) in the neck.

Korlat's previous partner had secretly been involved with a criminal network to help pay for her and Korlat's life together. Worried for her, Korlat attempted to investigate what was going on. This led to her partner's murder, a guilt that is growing more distant in her but that is nonetheless not absolved. Her ex-partner has been revealed to have already passed through Limbo.

Limbo Timeline

Korlat did not taking waking up in Limbo gently. For the first few days she kept to herself, wandering the red light district, delivering packages, gambling, and exploring the streets. Eventually she stumbled into the Hovel, where she befriended Sebastian, Mx. Zirar, and Xander. When Lastsume interrupted an important conversation there that caused a fight, she sided with her new group.

The evening progressed and soon Korlat assisted her group by stealing a squirming package. They swapped it out with another one, and she delivered the fake to The Jolly Bootlegger without a hitch. The package horrifyingly revealed a box crab, or Carocibus, that soon escaped into the city.

She also first met her husband Kilo around this time, first the Bitter End Cafe through mutual friends. They shared a house hall and Korlat was present when Kilo was stabbed by the Carocibus that had earlier escaped her.

Korlat also assisted in Operation: Angel Heist, a rescue mission to recover Mx. Zirar's friend, the angel Yarindael, from court. She snuck in with Sebastian, through the bank, its vaults, and through the Atrium, successfully rescuing the angel.  Alongside those who helped distract the bank staff, the group collectively took refuge in the sewers. These events resulted in Korlat joining The Underdead.

Korlat, alongside Kilo and Sebastian, is also a founding member of Friend Pile. Friend Pile is a cozy blanket nest where friends curl up and sleep in a pile. It was originally made to handle sleeping on cold sewer floors. Friend Pile helped Korlat and Kilo draw closer, letting them initially overcome the drawbacks of being Shades.


Korlat took part in the Succu Hunt. Alongside Kilo, she went to The Shady Lady where the bartender was discovered to be the target. There she ran into Emily, Kilo's ex-partner, who was in danger. She hesitantly befriended the drunken ghost, getting her to safety for Kilo to kill the succubus.

Azrael challenged her to a game in which she won a quill and ink, made of their feathers and blood. It was used to send a letter to Alexys when Alexys was being held by the Bloodfather. When the Bloodfather later endangered her friends, Korlat helped get him out of his magical armor by arranging for Kilo to give him an edible. This caused him to briefly to chill out for once and take off all his clothes.

Korlat was affected by the week long Limbo coma. Upon the Bloodfather's later appearance in the dorms she stayed relatively quiet, only moving to help Omni carry Patrick to the hospital after he was shot.


During the duel between Allocen and the Bloodfather, a sudden vision revealed Bane as her killer, proving to be quite distracting. She snapped back to reality when the Four Horsemen appeared. Believing the dorms to be a retreat, she left to take care of herself where she instead discovered the terribly unwell Raven. With Xander and Stormy assisting, they got her first to the hospital and then to the quieter and more comfortable The Cat's Meow.

In The Cat's Meow that evening Kilo told Korlat about a vision he had that predicted her redeath by probable poison. This has resulted in strict rules to stay safe, not allowed to eat or drink anything that made by anyone other that Kilo, Byrd, or Stormy.

Korlat ventured out on her own to witness the auction. She followed Mrs. Star White to the washroom when she saw that White had an injury, spending most of the auction lock-down talking with her. That same night Kilo presented her with the auction item 'Unfinished Heart' and they finally said they love each other.

While sleeping, Pestilence paid Korlat a visit, spiteful of her and Kilo's love. They inflict an illness that becomes apparent come the morning. Kilo and Yarindael take her to the hospital. She spends quite a long time in hospital, feverish, breathing troubled, and with the occasional hallucination. Kilo stays at her side the entire time.

Restless and sick, Korlat goes on a walk with Kilo where they spontaneously purchase two black orbs. This changes one's appearance, and if no longer shades, they can touch each other. Occu transforms Korlat into a ghost and Kilo into a skeleton. They reunite, overjoyed and in awe of one another.

The next day Korlat finds a reminder on her phone that tells her to text Xander about blood. Confused, she obeys, and this ends up in Abaddon coming to the hospital and summoning Pestilence. In turn, Az appears and makes Pestilence lift their illnesses from Limbo. Korlat finally heals and is free to leave the hospital.

On their way home, Korlat and Kilo were transported by Occu to the hovel. Occu and Zirar had arranged a beautiful surprise wedding for the two of them. Omni was the only guest. She gave Korlat and Kilo a scrapbook of their relationship up to the wedding day. They later acquired a green orb and spent a weekend on Earth for their honeymoon.

Traumatic visions afflicted Korlat during the event Fear Andy Light. At The Holy Grail, her visions caused her to witness Omni being stabbed to death as she once had been. She also saw herself as a Shade once more alongside an incredibly ill Kilo. In the vision he had taken on a terrible sickness in place of her and was asking her to kill him. With a bit of care and gentleness, the couple came back to reality.

Some time later, Korlat attended a performance of West Side Story. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the play dissolved into gang violence. Korlat spent her evening helping Alexys with her wounds. However, it ended on a happy note in the Cat's Meow with Craab!!, Kilo, and Stormy.

Major Events

Here are all the major events that Korlat has participated in while in Limbo.