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The arrival of the high ranking Angels and Demons at the Casino to begin the Great Game

When and Where

January 6, 2020

What Went Down

After an announcement from the Limbo City News, citizens gathered in the square in front of S.I.N. Casino.

A matching pair of stretch limousines pulls up to the front doors of SIN, followed by an entourage of angelic and demonic guards, on full alert. One limo is pristine, sparkling white— the kind used for weddings. The other is a deep, glistening black. Aside from their coloration, the two vehicles are identical. They arrive from opposite directions, pulling into the semi-circle driveway in front of the main doors and parking nose-to-nose. There is barely an inch between the cars, and the come to a stop in perfect unison. The drivers cannot be seen behind the darkly tinted windshields, but they are clearly inhumanly skilled at what they do.

Many High Ranking Immortals exited the limos and entered the casino, with Commander Michael and Emperor Lucifer entering lastly in tandem.

The address from the highest ranking pair followed soon after, officially beginning the Great Game.



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