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Lil' Marco was a rising star in the criminal world, with possible ties to Officer Caim. Unfortunately he was killed before his star could rise.


Before he died, Marco LaFonte lived in the neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in New York City. His position collecting protection money within a crime family allowed him to enjoy many of the finer things in life until a clash with a Chinese syndicate left him to bleed out on 86th Street.


Lil' Marco was a two-bit thug who worked his way into The Demon Don's organization.  After seeing a battle between Allocen and Arkalon, he decided to start preparing to sell weapons for a new war between Heaven and Hell.  He sought out Pryce Sutherland to help him finance things.

When Pryce proved reluctant, Marco threatened his business and loved ones, trying to get him to cooperate, but was told to back off by Kirghun.

Financing things on his own, Marco set about selling powerful weapons to both the West Gate Wraiths and the Eastern Ettins. He then used his crew, dressed in Chicken Suits to escalate a gang war between them.

When Banurkaz found this out, he hired bounty hunters to bring Marco in. Once he was found, he was executed by Callie.