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The Limbo Coma is a type of ailment suffered by many residents of Limbo.

The Limbo Coma

Many residents experience a strange ailment after arriving in Limbo which many have dubbed the Limbo Coma.  Residents will fall into a sleep like state for long periods of time, sometimes hours every day, sometimes days at a time.  Usually a resident can feel this coming on and return to their house, but if it happens out in the city, the angels on patrol will usually return them to their house and simply fine them. This fine may be up to 40% of their net worth.

Sometimes comas happen even in the middle of conversation.  Residents have gotten used to this and it is not seen as rude as it is uncontrollable, and many conversational partners will simply go about their day.  Sufferers often feel as if they had "Zoned out"


It's okay if you can't get on every day, or have to go to work, or do something IRL.  Really.  It's canon.