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A concert was held to celebrate resuming the Great Game

When and Where

May 8, 2020

What Went Down

Spectacular Ted MC'd the show as the citizens of Limbo filled the seats around the stage. First to take the stage are the reggae band, Quetzalcoatl made up of mostly skeletons. They are followed by the band Ravensfall, consisting of two ghosts and a wight. During the set, VIP passes from Baal are sent for Alexis Ocantian and Sagus Valia to move to the front row with a guest.

Pernilzeon interrupts after Ravensfall finishes, declaring his next song an apology to Kinavarisal. Everyone prepares for the worst, but he actually plays very well for once, to Kina's delight.

After Pern's performance, the next band, Prometheus takes the stage, proclaiming "We're here, we're queer! Are you ready for it?" They are followed by the world renowned downtempo artist Dr. Toast.

The final act of the performance happens to be the angel Israfel. He proceeds to play some of the most enchanting music in existence.

The performance concludes and people flock around the Merch tables before heading out. Alexys and Yarindael go flying over the city.