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"He points down into the center of the culvert, a large pit where water slowly swirls. In the middle is what looks like a whale, but with a duck's bill and wings, a man's legs, and the tentacles of an octopus. It is unmoving, not breathing, and you're pretty sure, judging by its eyes, it's probably dead. The creature would tower over any mortal in the room, and is sitting in a red convertible floating on the water."


What happened before Limbo?


Tahecaeir was found in a deep comatose state and worshipped as a god his followers called "Lord Albek" when the dreaming angel unknowingly sent out dreams to susceptible mortals.

He was awakened when Geoff Dorian smoked a joint in his presence in their base called the High Camp and revealed himself to be just a High Angel.

Major Events

Dread Wedding