Limbo Wiki

The little guys that don't get a lot of screen time.




A demon once summoned by Patrick using a Lesser Demon Voucher at S.I.N. Casino.


A demon who is in the guard rotation at the South Gate.  Angry Boi.


A gluttony demon on guard at the South Gate. She loves to gossip.


A demon that almost immolated Sagus Valia for standing up to him over his treatment of Lyr.


An ex-member of Kirghun's organization who tried to thake the scythe from Azazel. His failure cost him his life.

Dyranerix, The "Cassanova" Demon

A demon who has lovers all over the city. When those lovers find out about the others and get upset, They send apology packages, to varying success.


A salesdemon granting people power for unknown reasons. A rival of Mirculeus.


A demon guarding the South Gate who has connections to Stryxinara


A demon who works for Stryxinara. Had his iPhone XII destroyed by Hadasa Livna.


A Demon disguised as pumpkin pie and working as a bounty hunter.


A demon that had followed The Bloodfather. It was trapped in a wall in the sewers by Zove.  Liked toaster pastries and ROT13 cyphers.  It was later freed by Silas Otwell and killed. 


A demon guarding the West Gate. Had a tawdry affair with a married woman.

The "Kool-Aid Lady"

A demon who pretends to be an old woman.  Her cabinets are full of Kool-aid.


A paellician who disguised themself as a vampire to try and kill Bane, later slain by Azariah


A demon who works for Stryxinara. Takes the form of a squirrel when injured.


A demon who won a pair of sunglasses at a raffle at The Bottomless Pit .


A tall, pretty demon who follows The Bloodfather.  Slain at the Bloodfather's awakening.


A demon salesman granting mortals power for unknown reasons. A rival of Eranderez.


A demoness who works with the Coven of Summer's Twilight


A Jazz loving demon who wears yellow and black suits.  May have some connection to the Eastern Ettins.


Mammon's personal secretary. Once kidnapped by Billy and Victoraleis and held for ransom.


A patron of The Bottomless Pit who has decided to change into a form similar to Sagus Valia for mysterious purposes.


Sal is an Envy demon who used to hang around The Shady Lady Bar

Shuten Dōji 

A bartender at The Bottomless Pit.


A demon working at the East Guard Post


A demon once in service to Lozaridek who now serves Azazel, who renamed him Aphinikdal.



An angel on guard at the North Gate.



Doctor Jaydiel

A doctor at the Limbo Medical Center

Doctor Turkaion

Another doctor at the Limbo Medical Center


An angel working at the Bank of Limbo


An angel working at the Bank of Limbo.


A sad angel that makes it rain everywhere she goes.

Officer Branoel

An Officer of the Limbo Police who worked under Officer Caim and has had to take over his duties since Caim's fall.

Officer Kevinael

An officer of the Limbo Police with seven eyes.


An angel assigned to replace Adoel at the Bank of Limbo.  Attacked by Stryxina and encased in a black crust.


An angel working at the West Guard Post who wants to be a stand up comedian.  Mostly tells dad jokes.


An angel working at the East Guard Post


An angel working at the Bank of Limbo


The angel who led the investigation into The Green Nails Murder.  Helped investigate the theft of the Golden Tangerine.



A Redeemed once summoned by Kilo Errer to gather iron to ward the sewers. Announced Michael and Lucifer at the beginning of this century's Great Game.



They are a Fallen Angel who has only been shown when she was observing the duel between Allocen and The Bloodfather, he then flew away.



Booker Finch

A Banshee of House Sarandiel that murdered Lillie Floyd


A chain smoking bartender at the Shady Lady.


A Banshee who gives tours at the Bank of Limbo.



Head barista at the Bitter End Cafe


The proprietor of Otto's Odd Ones. May or may not have connections to the Cult of Albek.

Rowan Cooper

A ghost from House Khurdad who works as a barista at the Holy Grail. A friend of Stormy in life.

Star White

The one who stole the Golden Tangerine.  She believed it had a curse and took it to The Wasteland to get rid of it


The Chef at Mary's Final Chance Bistro


A ghost that killed their child over crying. He's also lonely and desperate for friends.


Andre Miller

Once worked at the S.I.N. Casino front desk who was assaulted by Xander and left partially phased through an iron floor.  Spent over a month in recovery at the Limbo Medical Center.

Archer Lamburo

A Lich who helped Mrs. White steal the Golden Tangerine.


A member of the Cult of Albek assigned to follow Kilo Errer.  Don't ask what's in his vape. (He doesn't know)

Re-murdered under mysterious circumstances.

Karen Meyers

She demands to see the manager.

Liora Livna

Identical twin sister of Hadasa Livna.


The owner of M.A.R.V.I.N. Dry Cleaners.  A member of the Cult of Albek. Praise Him.

Mother Tabitha

Leader of the Sisters of Salvation.


Чингис хаан

Хан бол байшин Mhr-ийн сүүдэр юм. Тэр нэг удаа Азийн ихэнх орныг захирч байсан.


Head barista at the Holy Grail Cafe


Aka Schnobert, Xander's ex-employee at the The Shaded Shop.


A Shade that's part of the Eastern Ettins. They also love to eat people, living or redead.


Brett Anderson

A Librarian at the Limbo Public Library.  He really enjoys the Star Wars Prequels.  Did he just join The Bloodfather Cult?


A member of the West Gate Wraiths who was gunned down in the Art District with a gun that causes instant re-death.

Ivan The Soul Stealer

The former leader of The Fourteenth Phantoms

James Conwall

Omni's husband from life.  He cheated on her during life. Died of cancer. A skeleton of House Mendrion. Took the bounty on The Underdead posted by Stryxinara but later called it off when he found they were Omni's adopted family. Was given a small share of The Overdead Cafe in Omni's will


A bartender at The Shady Lady.  He was once tied up and impersonated by a Paellician during the Succu Hunt.

William Shakespeare

The Bard has a vault in Limbo. Is anyone gonna get in?



A member of the West Gate Wraiths. Friends with Lazarus and Tyro.


Getaway driver for criminal activities.

Kimberly Knowles

A follower of The Soulfather who had worked for the Bloodfather.  She made friends with Brett Anderson and may have recruited him into the Bloodfather Cult.

Lillie Floyd

A Vampire of House Abasdarhon that was murdered in Central Park. She is the artist of the piece "The Futility" that was later destroyed.


A Vampire from the Coven of Summer's Twilight who operated a Kissing Booth at the Limbo City Carnival.


A Vampire and Head Bartender at The Jolly Bootlegger

Rosalia Swann

Sena of Zorn's mother from life.  Works at S.I.N. Casino.

Scarlett Spade

A Vampire who wanted the Golden Tangerine.  She claims to have paid Barry Kelliher 400 Million for it, but it was never delivered to her.

Vampire Punk

A vampire who spied on The Underdead in the sewers. Ran afoul of Zove and was trapped inside of a tree in Central Park.

Willow Grove

A witch from the Coven of Summer's Twilight distributing propaganda for the third player.


A vampire of House Aamon who works for the Eastern Ettins.


Abuela Maria

A wight who functions as the cook / counterperson at The Dragon's Hideaway.  She practically runs it herself while the lazybones do other things.


A tattoo artist who does tattoos by appointment.  She has a studio in the back of The Shady Lady.

Dr. Toast

A famous musician and Grivalitel's right hand man.

Jorge Zapato

A wight of House Marax who moved on.  His possessions were sold at auction.

Lupé Reyes

A wight and Head Bartender at The Shady Lady


A member of the West Gate Wraiths attacked by Cyrus at the Limbo City Carnival.

Victor Bawdy

A Wight who wanted the Golden Tangerine. His father owned it during the Depression era but sold it for less than its value to keep his house.

Victor was a gay man who died in the 1940's at 25.  He is fully embracing the open gay culture of today's society.

He and his lover were recent victims of Howard Webb


Barry Kelliher

A zombie and an eccentric art collector. Part of his collection was showcased at the S.I.N. Casino during the auction.

Jason Greene

A Zombie who wanted the Golden Tangerine.  He is a collector of valuable pieces of art with fruit themes.

Jacob Thursday Pluggin O'Flanner Heineken Abel Moriarty the Third

A zombie thief in the Art District who ran afoul of Patrick. Later gathered a group of newly dead to rob the Bank of Limbo.

Trevor Montgomery

A friend of Stormy from life and former fiancé of Rowan Cooper. He now is deeply involved with conspiracy theories, even believing Stormy and Rowan had him killed.


The Chicken Suit Trio

Three people in chicken costumes who worked for Lil' Marco. After they got word of his death, they retired.



A dinosaur clown that served Lozaridek