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Mx. Zirar came to Limbo One-Hundred Four years ago and is the most knowledgable of the currently active undead.


Born 1892 in Ireland, Fionn was the perfect age for recruitment when the war came about. Thinking much like the rest of the world, Fionn believed that the war would be over quickly and then xie would be able to return to hir family. Joining the Fourth Army as a Petty Officer, Fionn was shipped off to fight in the Somme Offensive, where xie would meet their untimely end.


During the destabilization, Zirar had flashbacks to just before he enlisted in the army to keep an eye on sean where he reassured Roisin that he'd make sure sean came back in one piece.

Major Events

The Purge

The Green Nails Murder

Working for Amazon

Operation: Angel Heist

Lastsume's Last Stand

Sexual Impostor Syndrome

Sewer of Babel

Succu Hunt

Dread Wedding

The Destabilization