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Pryce Sutherland is a wildcard in Limbo. Co-owner of The Dragon's Hideaway and sometime criminal.


From information gathered in conversation, Pryce was involved in an automobile accident with a drunk driver.  In Pryce's vehicle were his cousin Jane Diamond and friend Harry. Pryce died at the scene and Jane died some days later in the hospital.


After waking up in House Mhr as a shade, Pryce befriended his housemates, Mx. Zirar , Xander and M.S.I.F. Bernand. He has since participated in a money-laundering scheme with Jane, and been approached by Lil' Marco for war profiteering. He went clean from the criminal lifestyle shortly before starting up a romance with Taliah and opening a business with her called The Dragon's Hideaway.  They were really happy with their budding romance and new business, until Marco came calling.

To get Marco off his back and buy his way out, Pryce met with Yirgosoth to get a meting with the Demon Don, Kirghun.  He told Yirgo he would get the Don some Devastation Oil to get the meeting.  Afterward, he went to Titanael whom he knew had had some in the past.  She agreed to give him some on the condition that he gather some ingredients and he grants her one favor sometime in the future.

Pryce went back to criminal activity to gain enough trust to get the first item, Miracle Oil, but told Taliah that doing so made him feel dirty and no longer gave him the rush it used to. He later gathered the Demon Horn and Carocibus Heart and gave the ingredients to Titanael who gave him the oil.

He met with Don Kirghun and traded him the oil in exchange for being released from any and all ties to the Organization, with an extra request that Juliet be protected from Vaughn Nottingham and the Eastern Ettins.

Soon after, he was approached by Felice to join a group to take control of the Great Game.  Along with Jane, he agreed, founding a new group called the Dragons.

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