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Rowan Morris is a shade of House Isfandermend. They own the Gauntlets of Carcassa as well as the Baking Bad shop.


Nothing is known about Rowan's life pre-death. They awoke in LIMBO with no memories and entered a coma for months.


After spending most of their time in Limbo in a Limbo Coma, Rowan was recruited to join the Heist team.

Two days after being recruited, they decided to explore LIMBO. When they bought a candle to receive a map, a fight between the Candle Salesperson and Cartographer broke out. With the help of Isaac Dawkins, the two settled the shop keeps down and help them start a new business venture.

That same day, they visited the Art Gallery. When they viewed a painting made of egg yolk, they took part of it and ate it. Once a person noticed what was happening, they grabbed a nearby painting and smashed their head into it. This caused Rowan to take another part of the yolk and eat it. Once the person started to film, they proceeded to consume a moldy cucumber and spaghetti covered marmite. Once the marmite and spaghetti was gone, they ripped off canvas, stared into the camera, and chewed on it like grass. They let out a moo and began to act normal again. A wight named Penworth Hurlington approached them and offered them a job at their performance art theatre. They accepted the offer, with another MOOOO, and went on their way.

During the Heist of the Century, they planned the entrance and exit route as well as the distraction for escaping. They received one million generics as well as The Gauntlets of Carcasa. These are a golden pair of gauntlets that ignite when the knuckles are tapped together. When the Heist group was turned over to Mammon, they became a thief for him.

The first order as Mammon's thief was to rob the Vault of Shakespeare. After leaving a fight with Jayden at the Art District, Shakespeare searched for them. When Rowan appeared later in the day and bit Silas, Shakespeare flagged them down and requested help on the play.

After stealing a replica of themself made from black licorice from the art district, they returned to their house hall. While there, they met Sam, a shade in the Eastern Ettins gang, who devoured the bust. After freeing Sam from their handcuffs, the two exchanged numbers

Rowan may or may not be Sam's Tsundere.

Soon after, Rowan opened up Baking Bad, a bakery combined with a movie theater.

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