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Sapphire West is a Skeleton, formerly of House Torquaret.


Sapphire grew up as the only child of a single mother. She experienced trauma at a young age. TW:CP


A friend of Trevor Montgomery, Sapphire was introduced to Moloch who gave her the drink Red Pillar and used her past to mold her into a tool. When Trevor wound up in the Medical Center, Moloch sent Sapphire to get him back under her control or kill him, giving her an enchanted knife. Stormy happened to be visiting Trevor at that time and when Trevor refused the drink and Sapphire pulled the knife, Stormy used their Banshee scream to knock her unconscious.

Her indoctrination was more swift and severe than Trevor's and she was not recovering well, leading to her escaping from the medical center. The police asked Isaac Dawkins to find her. Through good detective work, he was able to, and brought her to his place to recover, easing her withdrawl with a drink he created to do so.

Isaac eventually got Sapphire's name cleared with the police and re-admitted her to the Medical Center for evaluation.

Major Events

Working for Amazon

A Sapphire in the Rough