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Kilo Errer fell unconscious and needed surgery.

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January 29, 2020

What Went Down

Owing to the bullet in his head (carried over from when he died) shifting position, Kilo Errer fell unconcious.  He was operated on by Leon and Xander,  who successfully removed the bullet. This left him with brain damage, causing him to only speak Irish. He was then taken to The Occupant who took him inside the Decrepit Hovel (a first for anyone) to help cure him.  After he came out (with no memory of having been inside) Kilo was able to speak English again unless he got worked up or emotional. This sparked a discussion among everyone in the dorms in which everyone present began speaking in the languages they knew besides english.  This included: Irish, Spanish, French, Gaelic, German, Russian, and even Hebrew.