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Several residents were replaced  by shape-shifting Paellician who tried to seduce their love interests to consume their souls.

When and Where

January 22, 2020 and Later

Many Locations in Limbo

How it went down


The first Paellician on the scene appeared to Sena of Carcasa  in the form of Allocen while the Duke was still in Hell.


Another appeared to Omni in the form of Mx. Zirar at the Fitness Center while it was still unopened.  In an effort to seduce her, it allowed itself to be trapped beneath her powerful thighs.  When it failed the codeword test, she used an enchanted knife to stab it in the throat. This was witnessed by the real Zirar, who became trapped in flashbacks to the great war.


One appeared to Silas Otwell in the form of Sebastian and led him off to The Desophronite Hotel.  While there and about to get frisky, Silas saw Xyv appear behind and stab the ever living hell out of the imposter with demonic ice.  the imposter melted and Silas was left traumatized.


One appeared to Bane as a Vampire.


One appeared to Alexys Ocantian in the form of Yarindael.


Then, A day or two later, one appeared to Raven Kennedy in the form of Xander who had been in a Limbo Coma for a while.  Raven purchased some 'protection' from Sinsations and went with the impostor to the Desophronite Hotel.  Some friends caught wind of this and went to rescue her.  Zirar, Omni, Silas and Ex Midori went to the hotel.  During foreplay Raven's PTSD kicked in, causing her to banshee scream the impostor off of her, alerting the others They hunt the creature through the winding halls, finally encountering it in the form of Sebastian.  Silas is forced to watch Ex stab it through the heart as it uses Sebastian's voice to plead with Silas for help.