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Silas was a teenage boy who was constantly in over his head.


In life, Silas was involved in theatre, choir, and robotics at his school. He also trained in Modern Arnis. Despite the fact that he was very passionate about these, he was a constant procrastinator and was constantly overwhelmed to the point of shutting down. For instance, he was working on a musical in life, but he shelved and promptly forgot about this project. He was about to return to this project when his friend, who was driving him home from a party, got into a fatal car accident, killing both of them.


Despite being part of the Underground, he maintained friendships with some people of Castle Zorn including Bane, Harold.

Despite his strong belief in mortal rights, his impulsiveness and quickness to violence often put him at odds with other members of the Underground.

Silas witnessed a battle between Zove and a demon in which the demon was trapped in the sewer walls with a rune.  Unable to stop thinking about it, Silas inadvertently broke the rune a few days later and freed the demon.  Though very weak, it still attacked Silas and his friends and fellow members of the Underground, Hadasa Livna and Sagus Valia.  With Zove's help, Silas defeated the demon. Then, at it's asking, he used his banshee powers to drain its weakened spirit energy. He found a lucky charm it its remains and took it with him.

Afterward he began to hear its voice urging him to do terrible things.  The Occupant told him he could free himself by smashing the charm with a hammer he stole from The Father's Crypt, but he instead used the lucky charm to perform a ritual that would give the voice, now named Inky, a body.

Silas was a strong believer in the rights of mortals, and was willing to fight for them. He started the Mortal Rights and Indigent Defense Fund and distributed fliers advocating for mortal rights and critiquing Limbo's government.

On August 20, 2020, Silas moved on after discovering that rather than his unfinished business being completing his musical, it was instead accepting that he was never going to write it in the first place. He is un-survived by his husband Sebastian and his child Inky along with the members of the Underground.

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