Limbo Wiki

The South Gate is a large, glowing gate located in District Sixty-One, overseen by House Malphas. People come here when they have resolved whatever issue it was that kept them in Limbo and they are ready to move on to the next stage of the afterlife. Each gate is constantly watched over by either an Angel or a Demon, and they are never left unattended, even during shift changes. This one is a great stone circle with stairs leading up to it, the center of which seems to be filled by a whirling vortex of roaring flames, which glow fiercely as though fed by red-hot coals. Topping the Gate is a large marble statue of a lark.

Somehow, packages meant for Titanael keep getting delivered here.

Someone who either hates or loves one of the Demon Guards frequently hires people to read to them from a copy of "My Immortal".