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The owner of 'Spectacular Ted's Spiritual Shack' this spiritual guide is absolutely 100% confident that they know your problem, and exactly how to fix it


What was your life, how did you die? (only what has been revealed)


Since the day he's landed in Limbo, Ted's known what his purpose there was, to guide all these lost souls back to the path to salvation from which they all strayed.

But then, why is he a Lich, a being marked by their ignorance? Well, um, you see, from the mouths of babes comes the truth, and you can't say that babies are very smart, now can you?

But then, why does he charge for his sessions, couldn't he reach more 'lost souls' if he did this for free? Now listen right here, I don't see you helping anyone, and a man's gotta eat, so why don't you just get all the way off of Ted's back and let him get back to his work? Oh and on your way out grab a flier! It'll get you a free session next time you come in.

Major Events