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Stormy is a naturally anxious banshee that owns and operates The Cat's Meow with their friend and business partner Shane. Formally of house Dai, now that limbo belongs to its people they live in in an apartment above their cafe with thier partner Rowan.


Tw// Stormys backstory deals with abuse and trauma both religious and not

Stormy was missing a good chunk of their memories upon awakening in Limbo due to a mix of guilt and trauma around their past.

When Stormy was alive they were not out as nonbinary and their birthname was Sara, but their chosen name and pronouns will be used when summing up their past.

Stormy was born and raised within a cult called The Heavenly Path. The cult had many secrets even among its own leaders only allowing priests to know the deity they worsiphed's name. Stormy doesn't really remember a lot of this time, but remembers the fear and trauma. Their father was a high ranking member of the cult and made sure his family never fell out of line lest it tarnish his image. When Stormy was a teenager their mother took them and fled, changing their last names and starting a new life. (She also set fire to their house that night, killing her abusive husband. Stormy did not know this until they were much older)

While beginning their new life they met and befriended Trevor Montgomery who's family took in Stormy and their mother when they didn't have a place to go. Eventually they'd get their own place but Stormy and Trevor remained good friends, seeing one another as practically siblings. Stormy's mom would pass away relatively young. She had been in poor health before she escaped the cult and working hard to support herself and her child worsened the condition. Knowing they were grieving and needed a place to go Trevor suggested they attend the same college as he did and become roomates, splitting the rent on an old house.

Stormy met a young woman by the name of Rowan Cooper who shared many of the same classes as they did and they hit it off. After a while Stormy suggested Rowan also become roomates with themself and Trevor since the house had three rooms and she had expressed the desire to get out of her parent's place.

Trevor was an English and journalism major. He made a lot of his money through commissioned articles with a focus on crime, the unknown, and conspiracies He had a healthy skepticism for a lot of the more outlandish theories and a lot of his articles were debunking such things. Despite this, he did have a genuine interest in the dark side of humanity and cults specifically, perhaps due to his parents often taking in ex cult members until they could get themselves self sufficient in the world outside. He has on occasion questioned Stormy about their own past growing up in a cult but they often brushed it off. They felt like they were not people he should be messing around with and frankly they also didn't like thinking about that time,

Stormy developed feelings for Rowan over the years they were living and attending school together but unfortunately so did Trevor. Since Stormy was his best friend they were the first person he told which resulted in them pushing aside their feelings for Rowan for his sake. Those feelings never did go away however.

Trevor began working on a book, getting a publishing deal due to his work in journalism. This was going to be his big break, a chance to get his name out there. He also wanted this because he intended to propose to Rowan soon and he wanted to eventually be able to buy a house for the two of them. Unfortunately he hit a wall with the material he was working with and with increasing pressure from his publishers to produce results he pressed Stormy once again for information about their past. They still were wary of giving him anything that could lead to him getting too heavily involved with the cult so they told him they'd think about it, because they knew how much the book deal meant to him.

His pushing about their past and their unresolved and unvoiced feelings about Rowan started putting a strain on their friendship which all came to a head at Trevor and Rowan's engagement party. Stormy and Trevor had both been drinking a fair amount that night albeit for different reasons. After the party the two of them got into an argument in which Stormy finally admitted their feelings for Rowan to Trevor. Regrettable things were said on both sides,

The next day feeling shitty from the hangover and the looming emotional fallout of the fight Stormy sent Trevor the contact information of a relative of theirs that still resided within the cult as well as what information they did know with the stipulation that he not talk to them for a while. They didn't want to see or talk to him at the time and they hoped this would get him off their back for a while.

Trevor threw himself into his work trying to get the book finished. He would sometimes be gone for days at a time. Stormy didn't think too much of it until one day they and Rowan came home and found him murdered in the kitchen and inscribed in blood was a small sigil Stormy recognized from their cult days. They came to the horrible realization that despite them telling him over the years how dangerous the cult he had gotten involved with them for his research using the information they'd given him to find them.

This began a downward spiral of depression and guilt on Stormy's part as they began to question their own motivations for giving him the information. They begin to worry that somehow on a subconscious level they'd hoped for this. Even if that weren't the case their best friend was dead and it was more or less their fault. There was also Rowan, who just lost her fiancé and was devastated. After some pushing Rowan got Stormy to tell her what he'd been researching and when it became clear they couldn't pursue legal justice Rowan's thoughts turned to a different form of retribution. She wanted to find out what Trevor knew that got him killed and expose it so that his death would have meant something. Stormy wasn't totally onboard with this logic but wanting to try and make things right they agreed to go along with her plan.

They went to the cult Stormy pretending that after all these years they'd made the decision to return and they'd even brought someone else who wanted to join with them. This was of course a ruse to try and collect information. The head priest was more than pleased with this, seeing the return of a 'lost sheep' as some sort of sign and decided that Stormy would be his wife shortly after they arrived. They were more than a little uncomfortable with that notion for multiple reasons and began pushing up their time line to find the information and get out. Unfortunately this made them a little sloppy and they were caught snooping through things they weren't meant to be looking at.

The file they had seemed to be particularly of concern to the head priest so they took it and Rowan and fled in their car pursued closely by the head priest and several others. At some point in the chase they got ran off the road and crashed. Rowan was killed in the crash but Stormy was alive but injured. They attempted to get away but weren't fast enough as the head priest caught up to them and shot them.

The next thing they knew they had awakened in Limbo without the memory of the last several years of their life and vague memories of a car crash which lead them to believe they were still in college when they died and that they must have died in an accident.


Starting out:

They were fairly aimless for a while within limbo. Due to their missing memories they were under the impression they had a fairly unimpressive life that ended before they'd really accomplished anything. They made it their goal to open a business within limbo because it seemed like having a goal to achieve was the best thing to do.

They ran around limbo doing whatever odd jobs they could pick up, mostly delivery jobs and during that time met and bonded with Shane who was a gate guard who was unhappy with job. They met up with him and they talked about what they'd be doing if they weren't doing their current jobs and these conversations eventually gave Stormy the idea to open a cat cafe and offered for Shane to become their business partner when they were able to make this dream a reality. He agreed and was also responsible for helping get the permits that were needed to get animals into Limbo.

The Underground

One day during their daily job hunt they witnessed Last's death at the hands of Allocen and overheard talks of a previous purge. They began to realize there was a lot more going on in limbo than they'd really considered before. Wanting to try and learn more they accepted Zirar's invitation to join the Underdead. It was there they learned about the great game and they decided they also wanted to join in to try and win the game for the sake of the people of Limbo.

Stormy briefly gets involved in some probably ill advised ventures with Xander which includes: Stealing a briefcase, almost joining a gang, and the Declaning. They aren't...really sure that they feel good about their actions during this time but they don't regret meeting Xander who they consider to be a friend. They also have a coin from this time that is good for a favor from the Wraiths.

When the carnival came to town Stormy saved the life of one of the wraiths, Tyro. This was when they discovered the fact they had a hard time sitting idly by while others got hurt. (Most likely due to feeling they failed their friends in life albeit subconsciously as they were still without memory at this time)

Not too long after this they bore witness to the duel between Allocen and the Bloodfather and the fate of the the latter at the hands of the horseman of death. This action lead two of the other horsemen to start bringing about the apocalypse...kind of. They bond with the horseman of famine over fries and get their phone number. They used the number to inform Sheol that someone else was using death's scythe. They haven't spoken since this incident.

Missing Something

Stormy, having witnessed several redeaths in limbo and having strange dreams used the services of Spectacular Ted who suggested they had some hang ups around death which got them thinking they might be forgetting something.

This was confirmed when The Soulfather sent his visions, it awoke memories in Stormy about how they died and kind of vauge snippets of other aspects of the chunk of time they had forgotten.

They run into Rowan at the Holy Grail as she had begun working there as a barista. The chunk of memory they lost was close to when they met so they didn't quite know how to react when she recognized them. They met with her a few times and started to piece things together. Unfortunately around this time when they ran into Trevor who in death had seemingly become very angry and paranoid. He yelled at both Stormy and Rowan before taking off.

Brother where art thou

Out of concern Stormy bought a voucher to talk with his house patron Naberieus who said she would keep an eye on him. Shortly after she would inform Stormy he had been missing from his house hall for a few days.

They didn't really have time to consider this as shortly after they and several other people in limbo would slip into a mass year long coma. It was during this coma that the rest of Stormy's memories would return to them.

Since reawakening they have been trying to find out what happened to Trevor and make things right. They hired Isaac Dawkins to help investigate and he was able to dig up that Trevor was involved with someone named Moloch.

Moloch turned out to be a demon using a drink called Red Pillar to feed into the paranoia and fears of her victims and bend them to her will. She was in the process of conditioning Trevor to murder Titinael. Trevor was beginning to sense something was wrong from conversations he had with Rowan and Stormy and so he stopped going to meetings with Moloch and drinking Red Pillar. This put him into a severe withdrawal state causing him to collapse in the street and be brought to the hospital by Evelyn.

Stormy visited him often while also trying to track down clues on what cased his condition as it had the doctors stumped. During this time they finally admitted their feelings to Rowan and much to their shock she reciprocated their feelings.

Trevor's senses started to return to him as the red pillar left his system. He would get another visitor, a skeleton named Sapphire West who had also been brought into Moloch's fold by Trevor himself. She tried to get him to drink a bottle of Red Pillar and when he refused she draw a knife and went on the attack. Stormy was able to incapacitate her with a banshee scream before she could strike.

After this when he recovered Stormy brought him to the Dorms where he could lie low from Moloch and her people. During the time he stayed there he was able to reconcile with Stormy and seemingly made friends with Inky. Coming to terms with his death, he was able to let go of the anger and resentment he'd held on to that had allowed Moloch to manipulate him in the first place. This is what would allow him to move on. He realizes he loves Stormy and Rowan both. Stormy as a sibling and Rowan as a lover. He gives their relationship his blessing and moves on to heaven.

The End

Stormy and Rowan have a sort of tentative relationship starting to bloom around the time the great game was about to finally commence. Stormy, not having got a card in the game came out to the square to support their friends who had managed to get cards. Rowan surprised them and together they watched the ceremony with anticipation of what was to come. When Michael and Lucifer announced they were forfeiting the game and giving over control to limbo they were caught up in the moment and kissed for the first time.

....but actually not the end

Stormy and Rowan would join their friends at the Lucky Night for a night of celebration. After this Stormy and Rowan moved in together in the apartments above the Cat's meow. Things are going really well for them. They have the girl of their dreams, a business that they care about greatly, and many friends whom they see as practically family. That was...until

Family Reunions

Stormy runs into a Vampire, freshly woken up in limbo. The vampire recognizes them and acts as if they are a young child and drags them around town for a bit to find somewhere to eat. They realize this is "aunt" Blanche. A caretaker that watched the kids during the day and made sure they did the chores laid out for them by the Path. This gives them extremely mixed feelings. On one hand she was one of the kinder figures in thier childhood, the only other person really being their mother. On the other she was complicit in cult indoctrination of children. They try to go with it initally, feeling bad about her confusion about limbo. However after a few days of dealing with her not being very understanding of Stormy's issues with the past and also mistreating their friends they snap at her and the two go their separate ways.

Next thing they know she has been tricked into summoning a demon named Lozeridek seemingly from the dead. This furthers their anger towards her which comes to a head when Lozeridek takes them hostage within their cafe, using their phone to trick Blanche into coming as well. During this time Blanche continuously berates the demon to his face. Stormy is petrified as they know this demon has killed many people and Rowan is just upstairs and could get caught up in this. He reveals to them that he is actually just looking for information about what happened after his 'death' and also reveals his powers are busted and he is looking for a way to fix them. It is also revealed that the deal Blanche struck in return for helping him out was to reset their life which was not something they were ok with. Though due to his busted powers Loz was never going to keep that deal anyway. Stormy managed to get him to leave by suggesting the archives may contain the information he leaves and they have another falling out with Blanche about the summoning and the deal she had made. Blanche insisted she'd done it for them since they had told her their childhood was bad, and while that was true they would not have been willing to give up the life they have now with the people they care about. They would remain mad at Blanche for quite some time after this. They would eventually try to reach out again after a talk with Velera, however the two's relationship is very strained.

Into the Multiverse

After the event with Lozeridek Stormy called thier freinds to the cat's meow and explained what happened. During this discussion a ball of light with several tendrils appeared and from it came an angel named Cer who initially threatened the group with a pistol. They were able to smooth things out and realized that Cer was from another dimension, brought here without warning by the ball of light. Stormy still a bit shell shocked from the earlier events went to bed not realizing that things were going to become more complicated.

More and more people and objects were brought in after Cer including an archdemon named Urialus who seemed to be close with Stormy in his universe. They were able to convince him he was in another universe but promised they would help him get home and let him stay in thier apartments for the time being. In his universe they had saved his life and he theirs. His implicit trust of the Stormy from his universe, whom he calls Stormcloud seemed to have carried over and the two bond fairly quickly. They manage to break up a fight between him and an angel by explaining there had been a misunderstanding and suggest he lies low for a while.

He gets an idea that an item called a Nomoahn sword could send him back to his universe as it banishes immortals back to thier home plane. Not really having any better leads they begin looking into it with Mae. Mae finds a dagger called the "dagger of true no homo" that is for sale in the market place. Stormy purchases it but is a bit hesitant to just use it on their friend without knowing for sure it was the right weapon.

Upon hearing that something called the Soul Serphant could come through the rifts and if Velera fought it they would die Stormy becomes even more determined to fix the situation. They theorize that the strain on reality would lessen if they could send the people who had been brought here back. They also figure that maybe the dagger could be used to send something dangerous back if it did what Urialus hoped it would. They march into the Bottomless Pit and insist Abbadon appraise the dagger so they knew if it would send immortals back to their planes. To prove it does so he stabs one of his staff and sends him back to hell, this puts a crack in the dagger. This confirmed they still are a bit wary about stabbing their multiversal friend without a guarantee it'd send him back to his plane and not their limbo's version of heaven...which would be a problem as where he was from demons resided in heaven. To test this they put a note on the strange tree that had appeared in the park since this began. The hope was that if the tree appeared within the same plane someone could use the note to contact them. They'd rather test this on a tree rather than a person. Mae makes a cut in the tree, cracking the dagger further but the only thing that happens is the tree bleed rainbows. Dejected they decide to finally ask Urialus if he wants to try it even with the risks.

It turns out that he does in fact want to do that so they meet in Kilo's courtyard with Mae since she has the knife. The send Thorn, Shane's partner to heaven to run interception should he appear in heaven and draw attention as a demon there. He indicates that Stormy is the one he wants to strike the blow that banishes him so they oblige his wishes despite having a moral dilemma about not knowing what it would do to people not of this universe. He vanishes in a puff of smoke and rainbow and all they could do at that point was wait.

While waiting they were shot at by snipers on the building adjacent to Kilo's home, barely pushed out of the way in time by Alexys. They panic but managed to also push Mae out of the way of a similar shot. They and their friends hole up in their apartments temporarily not sure if they were being actively targeted or not. They would hear from Mal that the people who shot at them were Shades from a universe where Stormy was an evil dictator that awakened a being called the Blightfather and killed all the immortals in their realm as well as segregating limbos various races. Stormy is...pretty torn up about this knowledge.

Urialus would return, having been banished to their limbo's version of Heaven instead of being sent home. While he was there he stole a choker as a gift for Stormy that resembles one that his universe's version of Stormy owned. The choker allows them to concentrate banshee screams on just the person in front of them instead of knocking out everyone in an area. It also makes them strong enough to work on minor immortals. They are grateful for the gift but feel guilty they weren't able to get him back home yet.

A few days later an ominous prophesy would echo across all of Limbo, prompting the underground to hold a meeting in the dorms. During this meeting a Silas from another dimension would show up in a red rift. In his world Blanche was apparently a commander so Stormy reluctantly calls her to the dorms....some shenanigans ensue. The same day they participate in the battle against (i cant remember the name will come back) and their group is able to win the day.

The day after the battle realizing that nothing is promised to them they take Rowan on their first real was nice :)

The next day they attempt to work on finding a solution to the rifts yet again. This would lead them to meet Oberon in the park, but they are unable to speak long as an ominous streak of red lightning would light up the sky. They decide to ask around about it and head down to the dorms to talk to the other world Silas but when they run into him he is standing over the corpse of Lozeridek who stands back up despite his wounds and seemigly refuses to die. After a tense standoff Velera appears and the underground enter an uneasy truce with Loz.

After an uneasy night of theorizing what was to come the red lighting showed up again with more intensity. Stormy had requested Shane stay and keep Rowan safe and went to check out what was happening. They would request Thorn help them with this. When a rift appeared in South limbo the met up with their friends in order to form a plan while Thorn kept an eye on the rift. They wouldn't have long to plan before the rift opened and an army of demons poured through. Stormy, despite not being the most equip person for combat did what they could, initially using banshee screams charged by their choker to incapacitate lesser demons coming through. Realizing this wasn't sustainable they picked up a fallen demons weapon and used it to the best of their ability. When the battle was finally over and the visitors from the other worlds were able to go home they bid a fond farewell to Urialus as he returned to his home dimension.

Major Events