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Vlad the Impaler developed a hatred of Demons and Angels, becoming so powerful, only Death Himself could kill him.


The Bloodfather was sealed in a sarcophagus behind golden and silver seals.  He just couldn't stop killing little immortals.


After Alexys released him from his sarcophagus, The Blood Father killed all of his demon followers and then wandered out into the sewers. Here he met Kilo and went back to the Lucky Night Club with him. After speaking with Kilo, he declared war on Castle Zorn, as well as Sena and any other mortals that may be allied with immortals. Declan wasn't down with that plan and took his armor, scattering it across Limbo. Having no armor, the Blood Father retreated back to his crypt to work on obtaining new armor.

He met with The Underdead in the Dorms for a parley, his magic crown and ring protecting him from harm, even when Xander tried to poison him.  Still, he wound up severely injured, but his life was spared by Mx. Zirar.

He set up a duel with Allocen who shot him with Flatline.  The gun seemingly killed him, but he regenerated immediately.  After a bit more fighting, he was cut down by Azrael, Death himself.

Major Events