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When and Where

August 11th, 2020

What Went Down

The evening began when Ophiel gazed across limbo from the Hilite Tower's observation deck with a sleeping Caim. After some time of thinking things over, she sends a text to the limbo police leaving an anonymous tip as to where Caim was and fled the scene. After sometime Caim awoke confused as to where Ophiel ran off to when he heard knocking at the door. He decided to hide, but upon hearing Officer Branoel's voice he opened the door, surprised to see officer Quraethir.

Quraethir immediately told Caim not to resist arrest, and Caim rebuttaled saying he wasn't going to be treated "like one of them" (a criminal). Branoel asked if they could return to the police station to talk things through. Caim decided to stand by the actions he did claiming he did them to keep the city safe. upon admitting to his crime Quraethir pulled out handcuffs and began to advance on Caim. Branoel takes a step forward, but accidentally steps between Caim and Quraethir, Caim seizing the opportunity makes a dash into the night of Limbo, jumping off the hi-lite tower observation deck.

After some time of running Caim ends up in the entrance of the limbo sewer system. Realizing what he had done Caim stands in the sewer realizing that he had become nothing more than a criminal, and soon he became a Fallen Angel. After this, he began to enter the sewers, saying that he was fine with heaven rejecting him. Meanwhile, in the dorms, Zove decided to make an appearance informing the inhabitants that there was a fallen angel in the sewers. They conversed wondering what to do and realize Jermarion, Yarindael, and Isaac were missing.

After some moments they decided to split up into groups. Group 1: of Kilo, Sebastian, and Xander were tasked with receiving the 2 Transcended and bringing them back to the dorms. Group 2: of Korlat, Allete, Mae, Sagus and Hadasa were tasked with bringing those who were unconscious to the kitchen and protect them. Group 1 left and with some help of Xander and his newly acquired magical item, and Sebastian providing they eventually found Isaac and began to search for the transcended, but not before running into Caim himself, who tried to bluff them into leaving the sewers. the group didnt listen and left Caim mildly shocked.

After some more conversation, the group and Caim decided they never decided to see each other, and they leave to retrieve the 2 transcended and quickly return to the dorms, informing those who hid there that Caim was the fallen and that he was the one who now inhabits the sewers. they decide that it is better to try and avoid him if they can then interact with him in any way.