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As a new symptom of the plague on immortals caused by Grimarthiel, angels and demons gathered in the Market District and danced.

When and Where

March 16, 2020

What Went Down

At the whim of Grimarthiel, all infected immortals were struck with a dancing plague and gathered in the Market district and danced, many still stuck in their shapeshifted forms.  In an effort to try and break them out of it, Duchess Sena shoots Yarindael with her gun, Angelfire.  When that doesn't work, Leon and Amostia suggest bringing Anthony there and killing him to get Azrael's attention. Sena votes this down.   After awhile the dancing suddenly stopped, with all the afflicted collapsing at once. Kilo Errer, Korlat and Byrd arrive and begin helping immortals while looking for Vesmikal