Limbo Wiki

The Occupant has been residing in the Decrepit Hovel for the past 60 years.  The Occupant doesn't speak, communicating only in shifts and gestures. Only Mx. Zirar seems to understand their more complex body language.


No one knows where The Occupant was before they arrived in Limbo or what they were doing.


The Occupant and Their Hovel mysteriously appeared in Limbo about 60 years ago.  Angels and Demons seem to either not know of Their existance, not care, or are prevented from approaching somehow.  The Occupant often hosts friends of Zirar on Their porch, providing extra chairs or serving Lemonade with a shift or wave of Their hand.

The Occupant's Mirror

The Occupant often produces a mirror that can show far off events, either in real time or in the past. (Some have conjectured in the future as well). These images are accompanied by sound.