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The Overdead cafe is a trendy, brick building in the heart of Central Limbo. The smell of fresh brewed coffee and piping hot pastries can be smelled from a block away each day. The exterior has a few tables and chairs under a green awning and a large, picture window. Inside, there are booths and tables decorated with plush pillows and colorful flowers. Perfect for meeting up with friends, business, and even game nights, Overdead cafe can suit all your needs; there's even a small room that can be booked out for more private occasions.

The Overdead Cafe is owned by Sena Swann, who has a partnership investment with SinSystems inc.

The original investors who put up money to open the cafe (originally called The Underdead Cafe) were Sena Swann, Lastsume, Alexa, Meredith Marlow, and Patrick.  

As the other four original investors have been murdered, Sena now has uncontested control of the cafe, with the only other investor being James Conwall.