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The Underdead is an anarchist group, whose intention is to stablish a better Limbo. Their actions are,mostly, not legal for the current government.

The name was proposed by Lastsume


The underdead began as a more greedier organization that wanted to take over Limbo from the shadows. It officially started when Lastsume, LeonBriAlexaAlexys, and others, opened the manhole leading to the sewers, their current hideout.

Their plans were soon turned over by their knowledge of The Purge. They realized that greed will only cause another mass exodus, so they began to work with Zirar and friends to find a way to take control of Limbo without infuriating the Commander or Lucifer.

An older organization, The Limbo Underground which Zirar took part of 80 years ago, tried to do the same as the Underdead. Unfortunately someone turned them in to Lucifer and he ordered to Purge them all. The only one believed to have survived is Zirar.