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Valshedaz was a demon with electrical mastery who served The Bloodfather


Valshedaz once posessed a carriage driver of Vlad the Impaler, cut off his head, then lit Vlad aflame with Hellfire .


Valshedaz first made their presence known by stalking Dorian through the sewers, causing quite the stir.  Awhile later, they almost attacked Kilo Errer on his way back to the Limbo Underground Dorms but was stopped by the wards.  When Alexys followed the humming to the Father's Crypt, Valshedaz greeted her at the door. After draining Alexys of nearly all of her blood, he forced her to break the seals on The Bloodfather's tomb, then was promptly slain by said Bloodfather.

Major Events

Bloodfather Risen