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Vesmikal is the Special Cats Angel


Not much is known about Vesmikal, but Heykarth revealed to Sena and Alexys that she was an Angel killed by Allocen. Later it was revealed that Vesmikal was the angel who executed Allocen's demon lover many years beforehand, in front of his eyes.


Vesmikal first appeared terrorizing the Cat's Meow Cafe by scraping on walls and crawling on the roof. The next day, she made her presence known, further terrorizing the patrons and drooling blood, all while screeching about "SPECIAL CATS!".

One evening, while Byrd is in The Shady Lady bar, Vesmikal appears, still hunting for her special cats. Byrd takes her to Yirgo at the West Gate, where they find out Vesmikal is actually searching for a dog? Byrd and Vesmikal follow Yirgo's suggestion to check out Zorn, but were not successful in finding a special cat.

After Sena of Zorn had a nightmare vision, Allocen brought her "Special Cats" (Seven animate dog statues) to the Market District and began destroying them to call her out.  When she showed, Sena drew her gun Angelfire and killed her on the spot.