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A musical in the Art District erupted into a real gang shootout.

When and Where

April 10, 2020

What Went Down

It was announced that the Thexy Thespians Theatre Troupe would be performing West Side Story in the Art District.  All went well until Sena of Zorn shot Octavia in the audience for making moves on her, then shoved her under the seats.  This sparked off a shootout between the West Gate Wraiths and the Eastern Ettins.  The spectators fled any way they could while the Wraiths dropped like flies.  Those who were shot by the Ettins' guns turned grey and re-died. Sena took the opportunity to shoot Alexys on her way out unseen.

The Limbo City Police arrive as the gangs retreat.

It turns out that the Thespians were hired by the Ettins to perform the play in order to draw the Wraiths into Ettin territory.  Lil' Marco had sold them some powerful guns they were itching to try out.  Marco, seeing an opportunity to create a better market for his wares, had sent his crew dressed in chicken suits to draw in an audience and set up the Wraiths.

The Wraiths' Leader Callie, met with BanurkazBarlowLazarus, and Tyro  in the Jolly Bootlegger backroom to discuss strategy. This leads to them putting out a bounty on Lil' Marco - 20 mil alive, half dead.


Thexy Thespians

Gang Members