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A masked, green-haired demon with a love of literature.


What came before Limbo.


Xyv is a demon of the very lowest rank, but is a breed that is highly sought after.  Xyv is a seer. He was created with no mouth and cursed with the inability to write.

After Allocen was sent to hell by The Occupant, Xyv convinced Sena of Carcasa to give him the Mask of Adam. (He did this by torturing both her and Alexys Ocantian.) This granted his wish to communicate, granting him a mouth to speak with, as part of the mask itself. With its power, he also gained rank and a longer name, Xyval.

To gain the protection of a powerful patron, Xyval went to Allocen and offered to return the mask in exchange for a new mouth and his protection and patronage.

Major Events