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Zabizizezel claims to be an IT angel who was trapped in electronic form. Recently granted a new metal body by Brythervyn.  Ziz is the owner of the Library.


Ziz was trapped in a computer at the Limbo Public Library for 8 years, 3 months, 14 days, 41 minutes, and 18 seconds.


Ziz was released from the computer by Silas Otwell and placed in his phone and brought to the Dorms where he immediately entered a Coma. Ziz got Kilo Errer's attention and was swapped to his phone.  This made others in The Underdead mad so Kilo took Ziz to the Lucky Night to be away from everyone.

Later, due to problems within the Underdead, Ziz left Kilo's phone, uploading themself somewhere.

Soon after, Ziz was granted a metal body by Brythervyn and left to seek information, tapping the memories of Allie and going to the library to watch movies.

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