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Allocen and The Bloodfather dueled in front of the Bank of Limbo

When and Where

March 9, 2020

Outside the Bank of Limbo

What Went Down

Allocen had challenged the Bloodfather to a duel, to be officiated by Mx. Zirar outside of the Bank of Limbo.  Vlad arrived with his demon followers and waited for Allocen to arrive.  He arrived fashionably late and the duel began. Allocen drew Flatline and shot Vlad in the face, instantly killing him.  Everyone thought it was over until Vlad's ring began to glow, reviving him from death.  The two began a sword fight that culminated in the arrival of the Horsemen of the Appocalypse. Everyone was astounded when Azrael personally cut Vlad down with his scythe.  The Horsemen took this as a sign that their pact was broken, freeing them to terrorize their ways across Limbo.